USC Offers Defensive Coordinator Job To Todd Orlando

USC has offered the defensive coordinator’s job to former Texas DC Todd Orlando, as first reported by Pete Thamel of Yahoo.

Orlando got fired at Texas after giving up 446.3 yards per game last season.

But he has a history of doing a pretty good job in Year 1 and then getting worse after that. That won’t bother Clay Helton because he needs a one-year injection.

Texas ranked 24th in points per game in 2017, 49th in 2018 and 58th in 2019.

By the way, if you questioned that Mike Bohn was going to be heavily involved in this thing, Orlando is not a guy who would ever be called by Helton.

36 thoughts on “USC Offers Defensive Coordinator Job To Todd Orlando

  1. Good night he was the scapegoat for Queen herman’s ego and his lousy record @ TX. I woudn’t doubt this guy would be very happy he’s out of Austin ad has a chance to redeem himself here at USC

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      1. Yeah well live on that Jan 2006 NC game – that’s what ‘wannbes’ always do with they topple a legacy program amateur (NCAA) or pro (MLB, NBA, NFL)


  2. His 2019 defensive stats are about the same as Pendergast. Failure.

    Don’t let the 2017 record fool you – the Longhorn defense that year had enormous talent.

    We want a coach whose defense gets better over time, not worse. There are plenty out there who satisfy that criterion.

    Another lazy, retread hire.

    May as well have kept Swann.

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    1. Yeah, this is definitely not the hire we were hoping for. I hope he comes with a big chip on his shoulder, determined to show the country that Texas got it wrong by letting him go.

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      1. Probably not a big chip, but a lot more intense and and a technician.

        You might get portalized by the slackers. The real players will eat it up.


    2. 67 —as karma mentioned, this is the only kind of hire (or just about the only kind) you expect from USC anymore at any level of the university —academically or athletically. The best we can hope for –and this would be pretty cool — is that this bunch of coaches (who all have had their ‘moments’) put it together on September 5th, 2020. We don’t have the cream of the crop (and that’s a big fricking understatement when it comes to Helton –who karma correctly called the bottom of the barrel)—but we do have some guys who’ve seen limited success and are capable of producing in a given game on a given day.

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    3. Be interesting to see which hand holds the ‘whip hand’ this season…I’m guessing Heltonska is fast becoming the red haired orphan bout’ ready for a well deserved lickin’ in the smoke house.

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  3. How far and wide did Bohn search?

    For example, take Phil Parker, the Iowa D Coordinator.

    Here is what USC could have hired in terms of a track record:

    Parker had the 12th, 11th, and 19th ranked defenses in the country over the last 3 years, and Iowa plays in a challenging conference.

    His 2019 salary was $595,000 – SC could and would pay much more.

    And if Parker wasn’t available, I am guessing there are several other people out there who have similar track records of success.

    Bohn, what gives? Why hire someone whose track record is spotty at best, and who looks like another Pendergast?

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      1. 67 — Oh! And one other thing Orlando had going for him —he was okay with not tackling to the ground in practice.

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    1. As much fun as it is to rag on Orlando’s record (and —-let’s face it —it is fun), he has way more enthusiasm for the game of football than Pendergast …and is a way better motivator.

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  4. The desperation USC is in this is probably the very best they could get. Not that many people want to come coordinate a dumpster fire anyway. I’m okay with it, perhaps someone on defense will learn something along the way.

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  5. So basically Orlando is our fourth or fifth choice? Stats similar to Pendergast and his defense regressed each year he was at Texas. Oh well, probably wont be here after Helton is gone after next year anyway, but he will walk away with a lot of money

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    1. What are you complaining about, Pac 12? USC is getting way more bang for it’s buck than they would’ve gotten out of just hiring silly Urban Meyer…

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      1. Hell yeah, USC could be burning in the NCAA program death sentence for cheating.

        Do not worry, SMU came back 45 years later.


  6. Reality Check:
    No one (zero, zip, squat, nada) wants to work for Helton knowing that he is a lame duck coach. Even 17 year old prospects know it’s not IF but when Helton is fired. That’s why our recruiting and DC searches fall flat. Interesting that we were told the reason to keep Helton is because recruiting was going so well. No leadership on the team and less from the administration. Bohn is a bust and yet another horrible hire. Hope is not a viable strategy but it’s the only long-term strategy we have at SC. I love the university but oh what a shite-show at every level!


  7. If Orlando goes to work for Helton, it will be because he hasn’t been offered another job or he needs the money. Maybe his fiery demeanor will rub off on faith and family.
    What a shit show.


    1. He was hired by his former head coach as LB coach at Texas Tech.

      Todd might be thinking USC has better defensive personnel. We will see. It will be a whole lot more intense, I guarantee.


  8. Crap…how did we not get Rocky Long. SDSU had one of the best defenses in the country. Yes…they’re a Mtn West team, but they were flat out developing players. Long is a proven HC…I’m guessing he intimidated the individual we have impersonating as HC.


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