Meanwhile, Oregon Grabs Another 4-Star From Southern California

USC just lost another Southern California recruit to . . . Oregon.

Offensive lineman Joshua Simmons of Helix High School in San Diego, a Class of 2021 prospect, committed to the Ducks today. USC had also offered him a scholarship.

Simmons is a four-star prospect and USC has had a lot of trouble landing them lately.

How is it no one ever mentions offensive line coach Tim Drevno when talking about recruiting?

17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Oregon Grabs Another 4-Star From Southern California

  1. Well I’ll say it.
    I like Tim Drevno but we are not a good team in any unit including OLine.
    Drevno has been in my opinion a let down up to this point as a recruiter but also with the way USC has played as an offensive line.
    There’s no way around it. This offensive line didn’t block well at all and hasn’t for a couple of years now. On the recruiting side Drevno has been behind from early in the cycles to where we are never even considered in an OLinemans top 5 or top 10 anymore. He won’t be retained when the next head coach is brought on if you ask me.

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    1. SamBam, exactly right. And this is why the QBs keep getting hurt, and why Stepp has to carry 5 guys with him on every other running play.

      How many holding penalties will be called in the ‘Bama game? Hopefully many, because if the O-line doesn’t hold on every play, Slovis will wind up in the hospital.

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      1. Yep, 67! I’ll take the 10 yarders to Slovis getting banged up any day…

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      2. We’ll see both Slovis and JT Daniels in the Bama game because I don’t think we will protect our QB. It’s gonna be hard as it is losing Jackson but a new LT in that game spells trouble.

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    2. Sas:
      Officially…Drevno has coached the O-line just for the 2019 season (this stint), and the unit seemed improved over the 2017 and 2018 O-line of Calloway (duh). I give Drevno 2020 to show us he can still mold a good O-line. He build a GREAT o-line at the SF 49ers and did well in his prior stint at USC.

      If the O-line does not show its worth vs ND (and/or Oregon), then likely game over for HC CH and the entire crew.


      1. But he’s been striking out from a popularity point of view also. It’s more Helton but even 3 star olineman aren’t buying into Drevno either. I think he may be in a bad spot and it’s gonna eventually hurt his credibility linked to Helton and Harrell. But I think the line will struggle this season. Who will protect the left side?


  2. Oregon is now the only nationally prominent program in the Pac-12, and is cleaning up in So Cal recruiting.

    And what is Helton going to say after being punked by Oregon, recruit after recruit?


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    1. 67 — What will he say? He won’t say anything —he’ll leave it to public information officer to leak dirt on Ed……

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      1. Yes! That’s what threw me, 67. And the changing light in the computer room…. and, um, my wife pestering me with chores….and, uh, the loud noises from the gardeners working outside…..

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