Todd Orlando Leaves Texas Tech

Todd Orlando has officially left Texas Tech, which means USC should announce his hiring in the day or two.

I’ve heard from coaches that Orlando loves to blitz. Perhaps that explains why Texas ranked No. 127 in pass defense last season.

Now, USC has an opening for a linebackers coach. Will Orlando hire his own guy or hire Chris Claiborne?

The USC defensive staff, which basically is only defensive line coach Chad Kauha’aha’a and secondary coach Greg Burns, must be wondering if Orlando wants to keep them?

25 thoughts on “Todd Orlando Leaves Texas Tech

  1. There is a lingering issue here that hasn’t been mentioned.

    If Orlando wants to bring in his own guys on the D side of the ball then he’s basically screwing Coach K and Coach Burns if they are let go. Those two guys won’t have much time, if any, to scramble for another coaching job. It’s already late into January and I’m guessing most of the CFB jobs have already been filled. That’s what the end of November through December is for for coaches who have not been retained – they have to move quick to secure the next job.

    If this becomes a problem, then it is all on Helton and his cluelessness. The end of January is the worst time to be let go as an assistant football coach in CFB. There might be the NFL but those teams have already been filling jobs in January after their season ended at the end of December.

    We’ll have to see how Orlando wants to fill out the D staff.



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    1. marvienna –Haven’t you ever worked for a loser corporation on it’s way down? Where completely incompatible people are forced to work together…. and smile? And they have no true connection to each other? And there’s no way in hell they’re gonna come together and produce something good? And everybody just pretends things are fine? And there’s plenty of empty, happy talk?
      Welcome to USC, Coach Orlando.

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    2. marvienna, i’ve never heard of a coach starving to death because he was let go in january. / coaches understand what they’re signing up for. / i totally expected usc to make the incestuous hire that would, again, signal the end of the helton era. this seems to be a step up from that. 😞 if orlando has ideas and men who can execute them, it’s only right for him to be able to have his say. god, i hope we’re not having these same conversations in 2021 and 2022.

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      1. Could e sworn these coaches were under contract. Wouldn’t that mean they get paid through the term of their latest contract?? Whether 1 or 2 yrs, they’ll do just fine.

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      2. Pudly –But…but… they’ll still have to forever endure the pain of being unwanted…

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      3. Whatever happens to Coach K and Burns, I think they’ll be OK.

        But my point was that bringing in a DC in late January who might want his own guys could be complicated for the guys already on staff.

        Orlando was fired December 1st. Waiting two months might not be fair to the rest of the guys who could have had time to look for something better.


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    3. Orlando will have a couple of things going for him (aside from his name):

      1) The Trojan D will have a lot of returning starters along the DL, LBs, and secondary (which is especially young)). Iosefa will even out the loss of John Houston – if not be an upgrade.
      2) Utah, CO, Oregon, Zona, UW, and Notre Dame will be breaking in new QBs.
      3) After a year of mixed results, Ben Griffiths will do a better job of flippping the field.
      4) John Baxter’s not- so- special teams will be better now that he is bye-bye.

      Now if the guy can recruit and recruit Texas well this could get interesting.

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    4. Rather irrelevant as most of his former assistants have been hired elsewhere in higher roles.

      Craig Naivar and Washington, his safeties and corner back coaches might be the only ones not hired. They are good ones, so look for improvement if they do follow him., both in recruiting and on the field.

      They might shake up S&C practices too unless they have improved drastically since Bru returned.

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  2. Oh no! Not an aggressive blitz-happy [as per Flow],
    aggressive coach that likes his players to tackle and dominate opposing offenses. That’s probably way too much testosterone for Flow, Gomer and Carol to handle. Perhaps there are some available Yoga instructors that can take over the DC spot?

    No shit it’s late, sounds like Burns and K might not be retained. Would like to see Claiborne back as a coach tho.

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    1. Is “Hatred” what we call being concerned about not getting Urban Meyer or Bob Stoops as Head Coach? Or Dave Aranda or Kris Richard as Defensive Coordinator? Or –VERY POSSIBLY –winding up with a hodge podge of coaches that can’t work toward putting together a cohesive coaching philosophy (like we already have on a mini scale with Harrell and Drevno)?

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      1. MG, you misunderstand…he means “I can’t wait until next, next, next November to see how much you regret your hatred…”

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    1. smackyd,
      You gotta understand — it’s not like they picked Orlando…it’s more like he fell in an open window at the right time…

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  3. So, SC is hiring Tony Orlando as DC…I thought he just got the axe at Texas? I suppose Tony O must be overflowing with INTEGRITY—which, as we all know—is the single, most important requirement to coach at the “New” SC…where Integrity and Low Expectations trumps Winning…Tony O’s defense at UT was, statically, at least, worse than Pendergasp’s Trojans… so for Coach Bozo, it’s a win-win… if the defense improves, bozo and bonehead will consider themselves geniuses…if they don’t win 10 or more games and the defense is not markedly improved, Coaches, Bozo, Bonehead, and Dolt, will make Tony O the fall guy, and as Bozo is prone to do, take no responsibility himself and force Tony O—-to fall on his Trojan sword—with Integrity, of course…

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