Will Graham Harrell/Todd Orlando Outlast Clay Helton?

Now that Coach Bohn has hired Todd Orlando as defensive coordinator and given Graham Harrell a three-year contract, it raises an interesting question: Will he try to replace Clay Helton next season and tell him that Harrell and Orlando are included?

That is not how things are usually done but USC has its coordinators, who presumably are not interested in staying for a single season and have multi-year contracts. And USC is acting like it doesn’t want to spend a lot of money these days.

The problem is you don’t get a big-time coach with that type of deal. What are the odds a new coach wants to run the Air Raid? Or take Orlando in Year 2, when his defenses do worse?

The key is what are Harrell and Orlando’s buyouts?

One other thing: I’d bet Harrell likes sticking around USC because he sees himself as a likely successor to Helton.

15 thoughts on “Will Graham Harrell/Todd Orlando Outlast Clay Helton?

  1. god, i HATE the idea of telling the next head coach, ‘this will be your staff.’ bob stoops might have set lincoln riley back, if riley truly had to keep mike stoops around. and, that kind of meddling is why i’m no longer a cowboys fan. but, clay helton being fired and a legitimate head coach being named his successor, regardless of the other caveats, does put a smile on my face.

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  2. I’d have more sympathy for Helton’s “plight” if he didn’t stubbornly insist on making the same mistakes over and over. When Dan Weber gently broached the subject of soft practices’ effect on player readiness [for the Holiday Bowl], Helton sighed & patiently explained “the players are really running around and they seem to be enjoying themselves.”

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    1. no!!! NO sympathy!!! he’s been embarrassed time and time, again. and, his one big idea was ‘air raid’?!?!?! … oh, right, and the other was to follow the fightin’ irish model and overhaul his staff. … which he didn’t do. jesus. why do i even bother with this anymore?

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      1. Yes! Thank you, Mike. No sympathy.
        [I guess you can’t really call hiring a FIRED DC “following the Notre Dame Model”]…

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      1. True. This was all SO predictable, 67. The Helton problem isn’t limited to Helton [calling 2 time outs in a row or sending 13 players out or whatever]. The Helton problem extends to all staff hiring (no one wants to get near him) and to recruiting [every highly sought recruit wants to go elsewhere—even if they have to leave their families behind and travel thousands of miles].

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      2. Michael, between weak recruiting, and the inability to find quality coaches, and having long-term assistant coaches who may or may not outlast Helton, well there really is only one technical term that summarizes all of this, and it is ALL because they keep on Helton:


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      3. Yep. All Bohn’s Big Talk & Folt’s Big Promises can’t hide the fact that the one Big Decision they made has turned out to be a fricking disaster.

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  3. I’m sure both contracts have fairly favorable terms to SC to fire the coaches. Harrell got enough to not go to Texas but Texas is shaping up to be a hot seat, and he had a HC that doesn’t like his offense there and is an OC himself. So Texas let us keep the trash of Harrell and gave us the DC they were firing after stinking up the place. Sounds fair. Middle to the end of next season, completely new coaching staff.

    And by the way, I can’t take any of the duck riding Harrell at this point. The numbers speak for themselves, he’s a bigger problem than the defense– the man can’t keep a sustained drive going, control or rush the ball to save his life.

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  4. I hope both assistant coaches outlast the hapless head coach. I would love to see the head coach fired for cause (lying about qualifications) right after he bungled through the Alabama game.
    I’d also like to see Jesus come back, the winning lotto numbers on a quick pick, and free airplane tickets for life- but things I wish for seldom happen.


  5. I like Harrell’s chances better than Orlando’s to stay. He might retain Orlando, but it depends on this season.

    If USC ends up with them and the Administration stays out of the mix, USC will lose fewer recruits to out of state schools.


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