Kenechi Udeze Lands A Job

Vanderbilt is expected to hire former USC defensive line coach Kenechi Udeze, according to Udeze spent the past season as a defensive analyst at LSU.

He was fired by Clay Helton (and Clancy Pendergast) 14 months ago.

7 thoughts on “Kenechi Udeze Lands A Job

  1. It is interesting that Udeze was an analyst at LSU, learning the tools of his trade. Many here have commented that he was ineffective as a D-line coach for the Trojans, but it sounds like one reason may be that he simply wasn’t ready to be the D-line coach. Too bad Helton and Pendergast didn’t understand that.

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    1. Not having been anywhere near any practices or games during that time, or connected to any insiders…but inferring from BKU’s pedigree and resume…versus that of Helton and Pendergast…I was always suspicious that it wasn’t BKU, or rather it was that maybe he voiced dissension with the lack of physicality in the practices, and perhaps with Clancy’s schemes/rotations…he knew more about championship defensive play than the rest of Helton’s staff combined…before he played a single snap in the NFL (at a Pro Bowl level)…I would hazard a guess he will be coaching long after Helton & Co. are scattered to the four winds (as they should have been long ago)…

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      1. Anybody who’s ever listened to BKU discuss football sees his understanding and passion for the game. He was thrust into coaching the d-line cuz —once again —nobody else who was contacted wanted to work with Helton (did Bohn do his due diligence?). And, for those who’ve seemingly forgotten, his unit performed well in spite of multiple injuries to key players.
        BKU’s career as a professional was cut short due to illness —and he’s poured all his love of the game into coaching. He’ll do great at Vanderbilt.

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    1. That’s only part of the story, Juan. Here’s the rest: Helton quickly rises to manager thanks to the alcoholism problems the original manager is suffering. Staff slowly comes to resent his passive/aggressive personality and, one by one, leave…..and Helton can’t recruit new staff. Helton tells local press that the reason he’s appointed himself cook, cashier and server is that he wants “The #1 Staff in America!”

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