USC Morning Buzz: No Golden Parachutes?

When Steve Lopes and Ron Orr were fired last week, they supposedly were each given one month of severance pay. That’s a pretty big statement for two employees that were at USC since the 1980’s.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: No Golden Parachutes?

    1. Everybody needs to check out Fansided’s latest article on Alabama Football. Alabama rooters are worried that Alabama’s game with USC will HURT them in national rankings because Helton is such a lousy recruiter (they point out that Helton is bringing in 13 three stars and Alabama only has one) ….and he’s probably going to give the game away with a thousand coaching errors —resulting in a meaningless wipe out.

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      1. Yeah —good point. I didn’t think of that. I guess we can chalk up the negativity to the beat down McKay gave The Bear……

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  1. Maybe they slid a envelope in there hands of straight Cash,no trail on that $.Reason probably only a monthe of severence pay is because SHIT ABOUT TO GET REAL ON LOPES AND ORR WITH THE INVESTIGATION INTO HERITAGE HALL.I say lock up lopes and make him some man’s boy toy!!!!

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  2. Well Lopes, welcome to what so many have experienced – you didn’t do your job because you didn’t want to have anyone encroach on your power and that meant you got played by Heinel as you played Haden and Swann.

    Good riddance to Lopes

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  3. Scott,
    You complain for years about Lopes, and then when he is let go you complain he didn’t get a large enough severance. I guess anything to smear the university is good for you.

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      1. Totally right, karma. Scott said “That’s a pretty big statement” — by which Scott means “USC was saying good riddance to bad rubbish” —that’s kinda the opposite of saying USC owed them more than than they got.

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      2. MG, they both should be thankful they had jobs for as long as they did after the admissions scandal hit. We’ll see if the housecleaning continues

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      3. karma —I’ll bet the only reason they weren’t let go sooner is USC’s hapless legal team was advising that nothing be done that would look like an admission of guilt or acknowledgement of liability—but when things began to get really hot, even USC lawyers had to face the facts.

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      4. MG, if you listened to Petro’s, it’s hilarious that they were supposedly fired for the admissions scandal and not 20-30 years of ineptitude, talk about a swamp.

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      5. karma –Petros knows the score: Nobody ever gets fired at USC for ineptitude. That’s the LAST thing you could get fired for at USC.

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    1. Read it closer – “That’s a pretty big statement for two employees that were at USC since the 1980’s.”

      What a contrast to what Nikias et. al. gave Tyndall and Puliafito – going away fetes and large severance.

      Things have finally begun to change at USC.

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      1. No doubt about it, Tyndall and Puliafito deserved “going away fetes and large severance,” based on their ethical and virtuous contributions to the phony, Clownish U, wonderbread Methodist culture.


      2. 9-23-2019

        A UCLA medical professor pleaded no contest to child pornography charges at a Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday.

        Guido Germano, a professor at The David Geffen School of Medicine and former division director at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, pleaded no contest to one count of possessing and distributing child pornography and was sentenced to five years of probation at Clara Shortridge Foltz Courthouse. Germano was also sentenced to one day in county jail, for which he received credit and will not serve any additional time.

        Germano was arrested June 19 for downloading and sharing child pornography through peer-to-peer software and faced up to three years and eight months in state prison, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Germano originally pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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    1. Well now the entire consumption by the radical Muslim left of a public university campus…another fact of how close this nation was to being totally subsumed by the left after 8 years of the koolest most worthless laziest but cunning president we ever elected and his defeated successor a total ‘la bruja’.

      Swing the light on Berkeley next


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