Did Clay Helton Or Mike Bohn Consider This When Hiring?

One thing on my mind is whether Clay Helton/Mike Bohn ever considered this when hiring a defensive coordinator: You need a good X’s and O’s guy who also is a good recruiter.

A top defensive coordinator can recruit and scheme. That was what made Pete Carroll so tough during the glory days at USC. He had the defensive coordinator X’s and O’s stuff down and then was an enthusiastic recruiter too.

Is Todd Orlando going to be able to recruit in Southern California after primarily working in the East and Midwest?

The good news is he replacing the small shoes of Clancy Pendergast, who did not want to recruit. But that doesn’t mean Orlando is necessarily a good recruiter, especially when he is working for a perceived lame duck.

I think Bohn and Helton were just looking for someone that wouldn’t cause a further fan revolt and had a solid history.

8 thoughts on “Did Clay Helton Or Mike Bohn Consider This When Hiring?

  1. Lane Kiffin’s second 4 Star Commitment this week (and it’s only Tuesday)… 4-star DE Demon Clowney, cousin of Jadeveon Clowney, commits to Rebels.


  2. Orlando will have to be doubly good at recruiting, based on your parameters, which when compared to Clancy shouldn’t be too hard since he didn’t recruit (2 x 0= ?). Just the fact that he is willing to sit his butt down in recruits living rooms is a win win for SC.

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  3. Anyone with Orlando’s history will be a positive, instead of Clancy P at this stage of the teams progression. Granted the bull in the china shop is Helton. Until he’s gone, I’ll be happier with this change then I’d have been with Clancy.
    Until Bohn wakes up & cuts Helton loose, it’s all we got.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Helton slides Uncle Johnny over to include Spec. Teams and keeps Ausmus at S&C regardless of our now “soft” reputation?

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  4. In addition to being able to scheme, I’m curious about Orlando’s ability to adjust after halftime and as the game goes on.

    Some coaches can scheme during the week easy enough. But when the other team throws something else that they weren’t prepared for and how they react is key.

    A prime example from last year is when USC scored 28 in the first quarter against ASU but scored only three points for the last three quarters of the game. They totally got shut down and should have lost to the Sun Devils if not for a PI on an ASU pick – six that was called back and a drop by a wide open TE at the end of the game.


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    1. That to me is more on the head coach than anyone else – Helton is only good for 30 minutes (1st half). 2nd half it’s worry time and exhausting the starters because the fool Helton hasn’t a clue on how to crush any opponent (save bel-air tech).

      Good head coaches ‘make’ 2nd half adjustments no matter the score – Helton is the worst ever at University Park.

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  5. USC is a Continuing Joke!
    These hires are just stop gap measures!
    Third and fourth level hires.
    Why would you even consider a coach that has done poorly over past seasons And was just fired. Certainly not a rising star!
    USC Football is currently non relevant and is an embarrassment to Ex players and loyal fans!
    Are you listening Folt? I think not!!


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