Apparently Texas Is Hot Spot For USC Recruiting

Clay Helton is recruiting in Texas today. It seemed like Graham Harrell and Mike Jinks spent a lot of time there in December. I’m sure Todd Orlando will want to recruit there.

There’s nothing wrong with going to Texas. But it feels like USC is doing it because it struck out in Southern California. USC signed two offensive linemen from Texas last month. Both three stars. One was dropped by LSU.

Maybe this is just reality and the Texas-centric assistants think it’s better to be in the Lone Star State instead of watching Oregon take another prospect.

17 thoughts on “Apparently Texas Is Hot Spot For USC Recruiting

  1. Totally agree with Scott.
    You’re not going to win championships with Three star players.
    These players might make Alabama’s
    Scout team. Helton is desperate and continues to put his Total Bull Shit spin on
    The state of USC Football!

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    1. There is so much talent in Texas that there are many underrated 3 Star players. If you are good at evaluation, you can find some gems.

      Good point is Mahomes. Where was he ranked?


  2. If there is no drama around USC and everything is done right, there should be more than enough recruits in Southern California alone to be competitive for Pac – 12 titles and national championships.


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  3. Breaking news….it’s not only the Southern California kids and coaches that see Gomer Helton as a clown, EVERYBODY knows he is a clown. In Texas, Az, Oregon and everywhere else. Pete Carroll used to go deep into SEC country and Far East and take his pick of 4 and 5 star players. Nowadays Gomer can only get 2 and 3 star kids no matter what state he is recruiting. Everyone sees that he is a FRAUD except USC administration.

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  4. Arturo, good catch. I think the first deception from the USC athletics department was a long, long time ago.

    In fact, lying is so commonplace now that I don’t think they even know when they are fibbing or not.

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  5. Bohnerino and Dolt were against the Texas thing, but eventually came around to Clay Helton’s genius. Bohnerino and Dolt were all in on focusing recruiting on Cincinnati & North Carolina.

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