Where Are USC Recruits In Top 100?

Rivals came out with its final top 100 rankings and only player has signed with USC.

Naturally, it’s a wide receiver (Gary Bryant). If you want to get frustrated, three of the top eight players in the nation after from Southern California.

And two players (Bryce Young, Kris Hutson) were originally committed to USC.
It’s so bad you had players like La Habra cornerback Clark Phillips (ranked No. 67) who committed to Ohio State and then switched to Utah. So USC wasn’t even in his top 2 and he’s about 30 miles campus.

Maybe Mike Bohn can come out with his own list of silent commits that never came to USC.

10 thoughts on “Where Are USC Recruits In Top 100?

  1. This is a huge change from the previous few years, in which the Trojans’ average recruiting class was in the top 5. And even with that much talent, they are a .500 program over the last 2 years.

    Just think how good they could be – and recruit much better – if there was a first rate HC and staff.

    The fact that Helton is perennially on probation, and could be fired any time, really damages recruiting.

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    1. One modification – Helton fired is good – but the uncertainty of who will be coaching, the type of offense used by the new HC, the type of defense, etc., that is what hurts recruiting.

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    2. If Gomer manages to win 8-9 games, and in the WAC 12 that’s not hard to do, he isn’t going anywhere until his contract expires. USC football is dead and as long as Folt is around, it will remain dead.

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      1. BK, Suppose Helton goes 7-5, and is fired. What are the chances that Folt hires a new HC just as bad?



      2. I kinda think that anything less than 10 wins and the Pac-12 Title means Helton is gone. Think about it. 8-4 with season ending loses to UCLA and ND and another sub Top-25 recruiting class. Helton will be gone, because you can’t run a football program with 98% of fans and recruits checking out on the head coach, and you can’t fix woman’s basketball or men’s volleyball at USC unless you fix the football program.

        But it also means that Harrell is the new HC. Kinda feel that the Orlando hire, which is so out of Helton’s zone of comfort — and aggressive, ambitious, and well-traveled coach that Helton doesn’t know personally, is setting up Harrell’s staff for 2021.


  2. This is not new, really we have been shouting this since midseason. Helton isn’t to blame. He is just the guy they stick out front while they rob the program blind. He’s the guy holding the door on the getaway car during an armed robbery. They keep him around because they love seeing his face on the late-night talk show monologues. The reason Trump hasn’t tweeted about him is; he’s so bad nobody notices Trump.
    I could be wrong but I think Helton is wise to us. I think he knows he’s gone as soon as Bohn wakes up from his delusion and smells the bovine excrement in a box. So Clay is not going down without swinging. He’s taking out the sport one pillar at a time. He’s ruined practice, and special teams. Runs the defense into the ground with a three and out passing scheme. Now he’s aiming at the one thing he had going in; superior talent. We are going to be just above an average high school team by the time he’s gone and unable to draw flies on the stink he has produced.
    That’s okay with Bohn though…

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  3. There seems to be no real direction to this program; the pieces don’t seem to go together. It all seems scattered. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Bohn had dumped Helton
    right after the season ended and hired a first rate head coach and let that person put in the staff he needed to give direction to the program. But, alas one can only dream and
    in the meanwhile the shit show goes on.


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