USC and LSU were in Texas today. Who has the advantage?

14 thoughts on “USC vs. LSU

  1. It’s even simpler than I thought, We sent someone… they sent the coach of the year to see the kid. Why does Helton send errand boys to do his work? Has this tactic worked in the past?

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  2. Baker and Doege were both brought in by Harrell, it was a great free trip for Baker to see family and friends and tell them how great the beach and Mickey Mouse are…notice the Mustang Coach is not in his picture, because he’s busy talking ball with Ed ‘O’

    SC is truly an Amateur program, from Top to bottom

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  3. point well taken, wolfman!! coach O has surpassed anything Mckay or Robo did, much less Sneaky Pete!!!

    15-0, whipped every top team, plus Natty!!!

    oh yeah, i forgot– Padddy Boy O’Hadden dint want him tearing off his shirt at garden parties and washing his big fat mits in the punch bowl!!!



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