USC Afternoon Notes: A Lot Of Starters Back Might Be Good Thing

It is important to note when you read that USC returns 17 starters next season whether a significant number of players will improve?

At a normal program, most players get better. But this is USC. Who was really better this season? Did Palaie Gaoteote play better? Did the defensive linemen who returned make a significant improvement? Did the offensive linemen? I didn’t see it.

  • With Johnny Nansen moving to special teams, it would be natural move to hire former Butkus Award winner Chris Claiborne as linebacker coach. But he is a former USC star and has a lot of respect among high school recruits. That probably intimidates Clay Helton.
  • LSU has spoken to Kris Richard and Bo Pelini about its defensive coordinator position. Both are Pete Carroll disciples and Carroll is obviously advising Ed Orgeron.
  • Mike Bohn has still not written a tweet since Dec. 4.

22 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: A Lot Of Starters Back Might Be Good Thing

  1. I do believe the team will be better because: Pendergast and Baxter are gone, Slovis is the starter – no more babysitting JT Daniels and Harrell has some experience at USC. The ‘caveat’ is Helton – he’ll try to make all understand he is the ‘head coach’ and lose what respect he has in the process.

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    1. Lolz! Did you not watch the games this year? Slovis is going to die b/c of the dumbass air raid. Also, their 2 best offensive lineman are gone. The only way a QB survives in this offense is by chucking and ducking. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets another concussion his Mom will make him quit. She said he’d be done after the 1st one and he had like 3 last year.

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    1. Of course JT will start. You know those photos Clay has of Folt and Bohn in a threesome with a goat? Turns out Clay was the fourth member of that orgy, and JT’s dad has some pictures of his own!


      1. I doubt that JT will be ready by then. But if he was, he would be cannon fodder against the Alabama D-line. Trojans might as well play a walk-on QB than have Slovis wind up in the hospital. The O-line was bad last year even with Jackson and Richmond. Both those guys are now gone.

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  2. USC will never be better as long as Helton
    Continues to be the Head Coach!
    The environment is Toxic and has zero
    Credibility and discipline.
    You can’t win championships with 2 and 3
    Star players.
    As a former USC Captain, I wouldn’t go to USC out of high school!!
    With this staff of fired coaches, I would have a slim chance to be coached up and make the NFL!!

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  3. In 2018 USC, according to stats, returned 11 men who had started a game on offense and 13 who had started at least one game on defense. Plus 5 of the starting specialists returned with 4 of them starting at least 12 games. With all of those starters back, USC still tanked on the season going 5 – 7 for the first losing season in 18 years.

    With 17 starters coming back for USC in 2020 I wouldn’t be so sure about there being improvement with the HC still in place.


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    1. I get it yeah I do ‘but’ understand ‘Heltonska’ has had his wings completely and totally ‘clipped’ and this poor fool bluntly knows it. Heltonska has no allusion that he is gone no matter how 2020 turns out, as such he now has to figure out just how he is going to ‘control’ the coaching staff because ‘they’ know it too.

      Love to be in that locker room at half time and s\\’see’ who is doing the talking and who is suddenly made to understand ‘shut up’. Heltonska Chevrolet…hey GM claims they’re is selling cars for the same price they offer them to their employees…General Motors is heading for implosion…Heltonska Chevrolet…..back to Bowling Green-KY…or maybe just maybe to ‘bel-air tech’… a good fit what with ‘the peckerwood’ shrine they got there.


    2. Great data, Marv. A wise analysis.
      I think 2018 was a combo of a HS Senior (graduated a year early) at QB guiding a truly messed up “gumbo” offense. Also, Helton’s preference for playing Ced Ware and Toa was unhelpful. The defense was stout–for the most part–but that D was perpetually let down by an ineffectual offense.

      Many bold predictions on the site today. I will go on record to suggest that our defense will be somewhat better with Orlando in 2020, with a 9 win season expected. More on this in August….


    3. That’s b/c Helton went w/ JT Dirt (who the whole team hated) ahead of Jack Sears who all the players thought was the best QB and should be the starter. But as Helton said “my hands are tied” when it came to starting JT Dirt.
      What the hands tied thing means is far and away the greatest mystery when it comes to Helton.


  4. “Mike Bohn has still not written a tweet since Dec. 4”

    Bohn is still shell-shocked by the response to his tweet about retaining Helton.

    There was so much criticism about Helton’s retention that the tweet was withdrawn. But before the withdrawal, the response was 9 to 1, negatives over likes. Thousands of votes.

    When Bohn was hired, we had high hopes. Now, it is unclear whether he is any better than Swann.

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    1. JL:
      Seems like we all agree that we’d like Chris Claiborne to come rescue our LB situation. In all fairness to Nansen, Pender had slight-of-build Houston playing Middle LB only because Houston knew the defensive “on the field” calls. I think a large part of the horrific LB play was because Houston was physically out of his proper position (Outside LB or even hybrid SS/LB), an Gaoteote was not quick enough to play the outside.

      We all would love to see Claiborne join us. I remain hopeful that Gaoteote can man the middle, Iosefa comes back strong and capable, and maybe Ralen Goforth arrives as a hotshot LB.

      (I also remain hopeful for enduring peace in the Middle East and an end to Worldwide poverty, so you may not wish to listen to my opinion.)


  5. On occasion, Helton has stated he knows about winning cause he’s been around it a whole bunch. Same goes for his claims about leading young people, players, warriors, and/or 115 adopted sons.
    Wonder if he learned those things at Auburn as their 5th string qb? Or when he QUIT auburn to go play his junior/senior for daddys houston team? Or after he went 1-3 in first & only starts forcing his papa to bench him permanently (never started again)? Maybe he wasn’t talking about winning/leading in football…

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