Coliseum Seat Locations Still Rile Some Fans

I still hear from USC fans who are upset that their tickets got moved during the Coliseum renovation.

Whenever these types of things happen, like introduction of seat-license fees, schools usually hear a lot of negative feedback the first year and then it subsides.

However, this seems a little different because no one was won over by the football team’s performance or the Coliseum makeover, unless you were a suite holder. And even some of those suite holders were restless over the money spent for a lackluster product.

That’s why there is a challenge for selling season tickets right now. You have the Helton anger combined with the inferior seat locations. Maybe Ron Orr is lucky he no longer has to deal with angry boosters.

7 thoughts on “Coliseum Seat Locations Still Rile Some Fans

  1. I guess you could say the Shreef is taking the SUCCX legend, Charles (Chuck) O’Bannon Jr. route.

    Cronin still hasn’t found it necessary to employ a recruits TA – TA/ATM to land a BB recruit.

    #SUCCXCupcakeBB: Home of that monster baller – Chuckie Buggs.


  2. I will have better seats this season. I will be sitting in front of the tv watching the games. No lines to the restroom, no exhorbandant prices for hotdogs, no spending a long time waiting for the game to begin, and no traffic problems. Yes, I upgraded.

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