USC Morning Buzz: Coaching Searches Ignoring Important Voice?

Remember when Mike Bohn spent some time with Willie McGinest at the Holiday Bowl?

It signaled the “new USC” was willing to listen to some high-profile/influential figures. Well, I’ve heard recently Bohn and Clay Helton have ignored McGinest’s recommendations for openings on the coaching staff.

That’s nothing new for Helton, who routinely blows people off who know more than him. He disregarded Norv Turner when he called about the quarterbacks job two years ago and Norm Chow, who merely wanted to volunteer.

But Bohn might want to be diplomatic here because McGinest is not someone to treat in a condescending manner. He will do and say what he thinks is right. And he won’t go away. It’s perfectly fine for Bohn/Helton to hire different people than McGinest wants. But it’s wrong to make him feel like he is being ignored. Stay tuned.

26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Coaching Searches Ignoring Important Voice?

    1. You must be new here. Scott has no sources or supporting evidence, it’s just not his style.

      The good news is he has Petros in his corner and that podcast guy with over 9 listeners.

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  1. Just wondering how much time in your day do you sit contemplating something negative that you can write about USC? I am not a fan of Helton or what is going on with the team but you are ridiculous and have a major issue. Wolf you are a child.

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    1. Sadly, that’s our world today. If you don’t like something, cry about it. If you cry about it long enough, maybe someone will listen. (Have you been following the impeachment?)


    2. You don’t mind if I stalk you, do you? I’m a bit of a creep. And it’s sort of strange that the only time I comment on anything is immediately after you comment. I also have nothing to say other than calling you “Helen.” I’m a big tool.


  2. Leave Wolf alone. We come here to read about the program. Maybe other outlets aren’t negative enough. That being said this article was a bit thin on info.

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  3. McGuinest can talk all he wants, however, Bohn will not open up to him. Bohn realizes that he is treading on thin ice by keeping Helton. Bohn will let Helton sink or swim this season. 2020 will be with Helton. 2021 might not be.

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    1. Gomer wins 8 games, gets bombed in 3 others and maybe loses a game that should be a win. He contends or maybe wins the mighty WAC 12 South and plays in the conference championship game, you really think Mini Me Folt would allow Mr Integrity to be canned if he pulls that off even if Bama, Oregon and ND prison rape him ?

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      1. Buddhakarma, that will certainly be a factor.

        But I think Bohn and Folt won’t be able to ignore empty Coliseum seats and a reduction in donations and $$$. If it becomes significant, I don’t think Bovard and HH will allow Helton to continue.

        I don’t think it’s whether Helton wins 8 games. I think it’s how the season finishes. If Helton leaves fans with a bad taste in their mouths with how the season ends (Iowa style loss in a bowl game, blowout by ND, an inexplicable loss to UCLA, etc.) then I think winning eight games won’t save him.




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      2. If he wins 8 games and the WAC South, he isn’t getting fired even with 2-3 beat downs, Mini Me Folt won’t allow him to be fired. They have already pissed off numerous high profile boosters and don’t seem to care that they did, and I doubt the empty seats will matter either.

        I just don’t think USC gives a shit about athletics anymore, just look at the cheap, crappy coaches that Haden and Swann hired without anyone saying a word. If Bohn starts clearing out the shitty coaches then I might think there is some hope but as of now I just think he’s a puppet.

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      3. He will stay as long as he wins 8 games and no one does under an ncaa investigation. Folt is too short to make a decision that needs to tall in the saddle.


  4. I agree that the university doesn’t seem to care much about athletics anymore, at least not about the male-only, violent sport of football. It just doesn’t fit in with today’s west coast elites.

    The one saving grace is that Trojan football can be extremely profitable, and the admin certainly cares about $$. Maybe that will be enough to right the ship.

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    1. Look at the hires
      women’s tennis, a coach from DIV 3 Williams her two seasons at USC, she holds a 33-18 overall record with a 12-8 record in PAC 12 play
      Women’s golf, an asst was promoted
      Baseball, Loyola Marymount ( might actually be a good hire )
      Women’s BB, a retread that couldn’t coach for shit the 1st go round
      Beach volleyball, an asst was promoted
      Men’s Tennis, an ex USC asst who was a head coach at Texas Tech
      Men’s volleyball, an asst at Whitier College Nygaard’s 4-year head coaching mark at USC is 47-64
      Women’s volleyball, an asst from Utah 22-11 overall with a 13-7 record in Pac-12 matches, he replaced a guy who was at Portland before SC.
      Men’s & women’s water polo, an asst was promoted
      Women’s soccer, ex WSU head coach who is a good hire

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      1. These crappy hires may be because of Steve Lopes who was the day – to – day AD even though Haden and Swann held the official title. Lopes was the one who did most of the work which Haden and Swann merely rubber stamped because they trusted him. Even though he sucked.

        Now with Lopes gone decision – making will fall to Bohn and his deputy Brandon Sosna. They might not make good hires but they will go through a different thought process for hiring than what Lopes went through. And that will include the HC football coach whenever the job opens up.




  5. Carol Folt is working hand in glove with the future Los Angeles Mayor Rick Caruso to transition USC from dependence on male sexist patriarchal football into Social Justice. There are plenty of SJW millionaires and billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer more than willing to pick up the slack in donations to balance out losses from a steep decline in football attendance.

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  6. McGuinest says most of this on social media, so Scott doesn’t need only follow SC alum, former coaches, HS area coaches etc. to get most of this. I think everyone here, including the accounts that look like they’re trolls from Heritage Hall officialdom knows this. But to Scott’s credit, he bothers to keep up with all the yakking. It’s rough because even the most chipper of SC alum are pretty sour about things, for obvious reasons. People aren’t even arguing, they all agree that they’re pissed at all that’s happening, and keeps happening… SC football has become bad energy.


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