Where’s That Recruiting Dinner?

Is USC going to have a recruiting dinner in two weeks?

It doesn’t seem like it. You mean having the worst recruiting class in the Pac-12 won’t sell tickets?

Last year, when people thought the recruting class was bad, less than 100 people showed up and Lynn Swann didn’t even attend. It was the worst-attended recruiting dinner since the event started in 1997.

Imagine 15 years ago, when the recruiting dinner was held on the floor of the Galen Center because so many people attended and Salute to Troy was a sold-out event at Cromwell Field.

Last summer the Salute to Troy was canceled and now the recruiting dinner appears to be off.

Clay Helton is killing the program and people want to make excuses for keeping him. It’s unbelievable.

22 thoughts on “Where’s That Recruiting Dinner?

  1. Scottie, is there anybody outside of SC admin making excuses for Helton?

    Certainly not many. Bohn’s December 4 tweet about retaining Helton received over 90% negative responses before it was taken off twitter, and that was before the Holiday Bowl disaster and before the early recruiting swing and miss.

    But Scottie is definitely right that Helton is killing the program. A slow painful death.

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  2. I was going to say that cancelling would be a mistake but how would the kids feel if there was a low turn out? Then again, how many recruiting dinners are they familiar with? Would they know the difference? It is about them, right?

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  3. Oh Scott, you missed your invite again? Mine says it’s being held at the Polly’s Pies in Whittier. (Denny’s stopped hosting it once Kiffin gave back their menu’s) Really good food and Pie made in house. you can’t go wrong. See you there?

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      1. Yes but if you are going to prank someone, you send them to an empty lot. Then when ask you say, “opps I meant Montebello.”


  4. Hey everyone! Did you see my lame attempt at being funny with a sophomoric riddle that really just further shows that I’m a low-intellect inbred with no hope in life? I’m a sad pathetic loser. But I’m guessing most of you thought that already.

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  5. Helton and Swann, now Bohn and Folt, have dismantled our Great Football program.
    Now where’s happy with 2 and 3 star players,
    That’s if they Show up and stay in school!
    12th in the Pac12 and 80th Nationally?
    What an embarrassment to ex players like me
    Who contributed and passed the heritage along to my teammates. Very Sad!
    It won’t change until Helton and his previously
    Fired new coaches are fire and the swamp is flushed down the toilet!
    That needs to. Be done immediately!
    Until then, I feel sorry for the players and the loyal Trojan Fans who have shitty seats in the poorly renovated Coliseum!
    The only positive things that have happened are Swann’s firing and cleaning house in the Athletic Department.
    Tim Tessalone and Jennifer Noriega should be fired next.

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  6. That animated gif of Gomer flashing the Victory sign is stomach-churning.

    The absolutely vapid look in his face is pathetic.

    USC will never again achieve anything significant, outside of the mythical ‘championships’ Gomer sappily touts.

    Fire the guy now – there’s still time to save the program!

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  7. Hey, Clay Russell! Maybe, you can tell’em to have it at Ellis Island Casino & Brewery…they got good barbecue for reasonable rates, not to mention $600 hollers! Lol lol lmao….


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