USC Notes: Perception Problem Exists

With only two African-Americans on the USC coaching staff, someone (Mike Bohn) might want to remind Clay Helton of this fact when filling out the staff.

Depending on what high school coaches you ask, USC already has a perception prolem with some recruits and this doesn’t help. Like all other issues confronting USC, it will probably be ignored.

  • USC secondary coach Greg Burns is recruiting in Texas today. The funny part is he doesn’t even know for sure that he is coming back because no one knows yet if new defensive coordinator Todd Orlando will make any changes to the defensive staff.
  • Next season’s Homecoming game will be against Washington on No.v. 14.

18 thoughts on “USC Notes: Perception Problem Exists

  1. It seems we keep worrying about Todd Orlando before the school has announced he has been hired. I would think that would be the the biggest concern. With this slight of hand at USC of late, it’s anyone’s guess whether he’s really our coach.
    Sometimes I think they hold these things up just to create a sense of relief over the sense of disappointment.

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  2. The racial issues Scottie refers to may be promulgated by the Oregon recruiting staff. See below, though some tweets have been withdrawn:

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    1. What crock of bozo BULLSHIT! This is the same FB program that recruited kids not to play but to prevent them from playing on opposing teams – and no doubt still do.

      With all of the SUCCX shit currently rolling downhill, Clownish U has the penny-ante cheek to accuse Oregon of using racial accusations denigrating SUCCX’s FB program as a recruiting tactic. LOL.

      Oregon 56 – SUCCX 24.

      Just F**King pathetic.


      1. Owns what a pathetic piece of shit you are and always was. You mother
        fuc*er come out of your dungeon and show that dumb grin to my face.
        You are a gutless asshole of the nth degree.


  3. Mark Whicker wrote an honest and open column about this very matter – lack of minority coaches in the NFL (NCAA). Here’s his discussion with Crespiot HS head coach Dameon Porter –


    Football coaching trees still don’t have much color
    Minorities aren’t doing well in the NFL coach-hiring sweepstakes, but reasons might not be as sinister as one thinks

    There once was a Rooney Rule that required NFL teams to interview minority candidates, but Oakland trashed that one when it hired Jon Gruden. Besides, too many teams were just using it as a box to check.

    But how much bias is involved?

    It’s more complicated than you think, according to Dameon Porter, the Crespi High coach.

    “There’s no doubt race is a component,” he said. “But I can honestly say that I’ve never been denied an opportunity based on that. I also think the NFL’s racial makeup is like any other Fortune 500 company. Look at their executive boards and you can say the same thing.

    “Most NFL coaches, with Mike Vrabel an exception, did not play much in the NFL, or at all. They worked their way up through the grad assistant jobs, the intern jobs, working for nearly nothing. Most African-American players don’t do that. I played Arena Football nine years and never heard a black player say he wanted to coach. They’ve made money. Now they’re going to go back and start over for no money? It doesn’t happen.”

    Whatta’ ya’ know – maybe just maybe the gig isn’t that attractive

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  4. Scott Wolf plays the race card…who didn’t see that coming?

    Scott Wolf’s journalism skills are akin to an infant reaching in his diaper and smearing what he finds on the wall and calling it “art.”


    1. Charlie Strong was born in Batesville, Arkansas….on the White River, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains….


  5. Flow. Are you fucking serious?! Jesus, man. When you’re stuck in mom’s basement all day, times certainly get desperate. What was the purpose of this post? I appreciate all the comments and banter on here, but this blog becomes straight trash with posts like this. This is such a reach. Flow, you and Owns need to put down the Mad Dog 20/20 and call it a night.

    Lastly: “Prolem.”

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      1. ’04 Trojan – he could have gone all the way up to Night Train. You just never know with Scottie.


  6. Bummer ’67, tonight Andyain’twinning dropped another road game in a 9 pt., 2O/T loss at Oregon. Some things never change.

    #BTW, the Whisler needs a haircut.


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