When Clay Helton/Mike Bohn Ignored Oregon Loss

Do you remember when the USC-UCLA game ended, Mike Bohn slapped Clay Helton on the butt, shook his hand and Helton said, “You’re still undefeated.”

This was a reference to games Bohn attended. He conveniently missed the Oregon blowout because he went back to Cincinnati.

But what did Helton say after the Holiday Bowl?

Bohn attended that disaster. Maybe Helton said, “any regrets?” or “now, you’re officially a Trojan.”

I’ll never understand how beating Colorado, Arizona State, Cal and UCLA was some kind of success story for USC?

19 thoughts on “When Clay Helton/Mike Bohn Ignored Oregon Loss

  1. Do you know what Bohn said after the backblast of retaining Helton? (que zombie voice)
    “I’ll hit the film room and look at the things that went wrong. Helton is a warrior.”

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    1. Elite means a National Title in CFB.
      Oregon was really good but they ran into a freshman named Marquis Lee and a guy named Cam Newton.
      They win those two ball games and they might have been elite.

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    1. If you are referring to post above, yes it’s obviously a joke it’s Bohn in a zombie voice saying what we hate to hear.
      I cannot be any sillier. If you bet me a dollar that Helton would be retained I’d owe you a dollar. I was so happy when the regular season ended because the new director should have been able to see the stupidity of Helton’s tenure. But like a bad scream movie, just when we thought we could breath easier, Helton-destroyer of team keeps popping up. I cannot think of a good excuse for keeping captain unable to coach men.

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  2. Please God, let this Helton nightmare be over. It is clear that with Helton at the helm the Southern California players and their parents are not committed nor do they have faith in the USC program. The state of affairs at USC, as long as Helton remains, is poor. I also would like to re-up as a TAF member, which I was, as well as a volunteer again in the athletic department, until I saw what it was really like, when Helton is finally relieved of his duties. This will enable Helton to move on to a better life, and so can USC.

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  3. Here goes Scottie-boy again with his own interpreted reality..: you’re supposed to be a reporter for fucks sake, at least get your timeline right.
    Bohn didn’t conveniently miss the Oregon game, he wasn’t AD yet at that time. The Oregon game was November 2, Bohn was named AD on November 6th.
    I understand the frustration with the state of the program but at least do the minimum amount of basic research before spewing your false facts


    1. That’s funny, this article dated November 1st 2019 says Bohn-head announced was hired. So he could have attended the Oregon game the next day but he went back to Cincinnati once the deal was struck.


      Maybe you need to do the minimum amount of research before spewing your false facts.

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      1. That is a tweet from November 1 quoting “sources”. No announcement on either Cincinnati or USC’s behalf, and certainly no contract signed prior to that.
        The article is actually dated November 4…
        Check any reputable newspaper or media source and they were actually present the day that Bohn was hired and held a press conference on November 6th..
        I know my sources, and will put mine up against Scottie’s ‘anonymous’ sources 24/7/365…


  4. You know how the Iseralites were enslaved to Babylon for 400 years when the turned their back on God, well SC is paying the price for turning their way against God. It used to be a Wesylan school, now it is just a money hungry school.

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      1. Yes, gt. And President Folt is laughing hysterically while the pestilence & locusts destroy her rotten empire….laughing just the way Anne Baxter as Nefritiri laughed when Moses tried to persuade her to change her evil ways before it was too late! But, no, all Folt wants to do is send our warriors and prettiest cheerleaders to the mud pits to make bricks for the pyramids …even if some Trojans get squished in between the giant blocks while Edward G. Robinson’s decadent face (or it might be Vincent Price’s —but definitely one of those guys’ faces) lights up with unwholesome delight….
        Sorry –that one got away from me a little….

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  5. Dont you recall the visit by Folt/Caruso to the practice field to shake Helton’s hand the week after the Oregon loss? It isnt Bohn that is keeping Helton, imo.


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