USC Looking For Someone To Spin For Clay Helton

This is not an easy job but USC football is looking for director of marketing to “oversee all football social media accounts and internal marketing for the recruitment of potential student-athletes.”

So you’re trying to put a positive spin on Clay Helton?

What a thankless task. Imagine tweeting and posting on Instagram how great everything is on a daily basis?

Meanwhile, it looks like USC has a new search firm looking for a Vice President for Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX.

What happened to Korn Ferry, which did the famous background check on Steve Sarkisian?

14 thoughts on “USC Looking For Someone To Spin For Clay Helton

  1. Wolf, this is your chance. Seize that job opportunity with both hands. The fans are ready for the hard truth.

    “Cometh the hour, cometh the man.”


  2. Clay Helton may be a putz and radioactive but I’d be just as worried for that VP position working on Title IX cases.

    Helton may have screwed USC but that Title IX office has ‘effed the USC football program just as good ever since they got involved with football player discipline (Boermeester, Bolden, etc.)

    Y’all better hope a man hating femin*** isn’t selected for that VP position.




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      1. “”You really should be able to put together a top-20 recruiting class at USC without even trying. Just say, ‘OK guys, let us know if you wanna play here. Cool.’ That USC is in the 70s should be impossible,”

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  3. Send a note to Warren or any of the other castrated he/she demoncrats running for president – throw it to that put$ Garcetti or the used car salesman Newsom….this is why Trump wins – people are tired of having to cmply with dyke rights and global fellatio


  4. Good Fucin luck! Usc is going to need a spin Doctor Extraordinaire to build up anything positive to the football program. This PR nightmare that has been goin on to fans and alumni for the last 10 years since Pete Carol left. Only Helton getting fired is going to change things. The damage has been done already. Playoff berths and Rosebowls will only satisfy the fans&alumni nothing else.

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      1. Tim is an enterprising enemy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he outlasts the happy go lucky morons he’s protecting.

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  5. Clay has been fairly good at coming up with a good feb signing day. Not this year. No rabbits in the hat for him. He’s now unable to overcome his poor coaching with his nice guy efforts on recruiting trail.

    He’s a giant, all consuming, horrible snowball of a program dragging mess. Here’s the thing about snowballs rolling downhill, they get bigger and bigger until they either hit something that breaks them on the way down or hit rock bottom to stop. We hoped Bohn would be the thing that broke Helton, now we are just wondering where the bottom is. Another truth, they never roll back uphill.

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    1. Mrs. Helton — You see things so clearly.
      Check out Camus’ “The Myth of Sisyphus”. [I have a sneaking feeling that, deep down, Bohn wants to be the hero of this myth]……


  6. Send your comments to the newspapers, please.As fans we need to stand up, Every thing else is useless. We are talking among ourselves here. Even send comments to the Daily Bruin. Make sure you get read. You have been loyal fans and you have a right to be heard. Backbone is needed here.


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