USC Morning Buzz: This Is What Recruiting Has Become

Someone at USC told a couple days ago the Trojans had a recruit with zero offers on campus. It seemed a little hard to believe.

USC might have the worst recruiting class in the Pac-12 but it’s still signing mostly three-star players.

Then I found out the truth: USC actually had TWO players on campus last weekend who had zero offers.

Now for the explanation: The players were essentially being recruited as walk-ons. That’s fine. You need to have walk-ons for depth.

But when you’re bringing in multiple guys with zero offers right before Signing Day, it tells you just how problematic your recruiting class really is. Clay Helton talked in December about how he didn’t care about star rankings, he only cared about signing players who would help USC win games.

But if he did that, he wouldn’t be bringing in so many walk-ons to plug holes he thinks exist in the roster.

28 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: This Is What Recruiting Has Become

  1. It is simple Helton is stocking his excuse bin. “I’m sorry Bohn, they just aren’t very good this year…It’s not my fault.” (Per Helton)

    BTW Look up Clay’s dad’s record and you will see where this coaching tree’s roots are. Two and two equal 22 for these guys. His dad had terrible teams.

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    1. Here’s Daddy’s coaching tree

      Assistant coaches under Kim Helton who became college head coaches:

      Neil Callaway: UAB (2007–2011)
      Clay Helton: USC (2013, 2015–present)

      Here’s Gomer’s coaching tree

      Assistant coaches under Helton who became college head coaches:

      Tyson Helton: Western Kentucky (2019–present)

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  2. It takes guts to retain a man as despised by recruits and college coaches as Clay Helton. You have to hand it to Folt and Bohn —theirs is a rare kind of courage….

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    1. MG
      He’s not hated by everyone. He has a fan club. Me. The PAC-11. What more can you ask for?
      Soviet hasn’t called him heltonska Chevrolet in 5 hrs. So there’s that.

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      1. Cal75 —Ordinarily fan clubs are made up of people who are pulling for you, not laughing at you.

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    2. From Wild West Board:

      1/29/2020 11:36:35 AM
      By: Conquest2000

      2020 – 58% of the top 50 kids (29) are heading out of state. Only 18 are staying home going to USC, UCLA, Stanford or Cal (3 kids are yet to verbal but all three look to be staying in CA)

      2021 – I know it is early but of the top 15 in the state, 8 have already committed and only 2 are staying home in CA, both going to USC, of the 7 remaining kids. Only 1 at this point has a CA school in their top 5. A QB who is probably going to end up at CAL. The rest of the top 50 doesnt look any better. Especially when you get to kids 35-50, most are not even Pac 12 caliber.

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      1. GT
        I said a few days ago that the WAC 12 offers nothing to these kids to stay and play for them, none of them are going to play for a NC, not even Oregon.

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      2. gt –Helton is scaring California kids off, USC’s mismanagement is scaring California kids off….. and California itself is scaring California kids off…..

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      3. There might be a political reason for CA kids leaving the state. Governor Goofy has passed a law that allows student athletes to get money. The NCAA said Oh no you don’t. If you are a top tier talent would you risk your college career on a chance that both sides stick to their guns and CA colleges get kicked out of NCAA playoff games?
        You might think the opposite would be the case, but not many are jumping on the bandwagon. It might be a long war between the CA government and the NCAA. Neither of which has enough brains to convert to gun powder and then blow their nose.

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  3. This post by Scott is just stupid. Who cares if Clay is bringing in kids with no offers to be preferred walk-ons? Literally everyone does this. I know three kids doing this at pac 12 schools right now. One earned a starting spot and scholarship after two years at Arizona.

    This is just Scott finding anything to pile on.


      1. BK,
        I will certainly try to be better in the future. Maybe someday I can follow in your footsteps and post something more along the line of homophobic insults aimed at Pudly or the ever so clever WAC 12 comment.


    1. “The combination of underwhelming ticket revenue, rising expenses across multiple sports and coaching changes in football and men’s basketball created an $18.9 million deficit in FY2019 that will be covered by an interest-bearing loan from the university.

      The outlook for the current year, which ends June 30, is only slightly better.

      Based on preliminary line-item projections in key areas provided by an athletic department spokesperson, the Hotline expects a deficit of approximately $17 million for FY20.”

      Losing $36 million in athletics…that is not easy to do.

      Looks like ucla will be stuck with that winner the chipper for a few more years…

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      1. 67 —
        “A few more YEARS” of the chipper should just about bury bruin ‘football’ for good…..


  4. The question is, which games is Helton recruiting for to win? If he wants to win unlv or fresno, then fine. However, why isn’t he recruiting for games to win against oppenents like bama and Oregon. Those are different recruits than the ones he is currently recruiting. Face it, Helton quit on the team by not recruiting and keeping the top echilon recruits.


  5. SC has very generous financial aid if the parents do not have much money, so even if there is no scholarship, I doubt the parents will pay anywhere close to full tuition.


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