How Much Juice Does Todd Orlando Have?

New defensive coordinator Todd Orlando has been visiting local high schools with secondary coach Greg Burns.

Does this mean Orlando is keeping Burns?

I know two of the candidates for the job wanted to bring in their defensive assistants and Burns was putting out feelers last week for jobs.

So either Orlando is keeping him or USC is waiting until Signing Day. But USC is not expected to sign any defensive players next week so that’s probably not a reason.

Instead, it looks like Orlando might not be making changes. So he has less juice than Joe Barry? That’s a scary thought.

14 thoughts on “How Much Juice Does Todd Orlando Have?

  1. ucla gutties basketball
    3-4 in conference
    10-10 overall
    lost to Gap tooth AT HOME and your dyke squad lost to USC in BB

    your football team hasn’t played in a meaningful bowl game since 1999, the Rose Bowl which they lost, and they’re 1-4 against Gomer

    DING GOES THE VICTORY BELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. Mrs. Helton,

        With all due respect, you better start packing the book shelves and the blankets. Your husband will be fired. BTW, Budda is right, ucla is nothing but a dyke stop on the way up to cal, where the women have more hair than men.

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      2. Hey past tense Trojan
        Watch it buddy. Some fine talent comes out of CAL.


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    1. Yet boobiekrap, UCLA BB defeated U-Dub in Wash.

      On the other hand, the Clownster’s were annihilated by U-Dub in Wash., the last place bb team in the Pac – 12 standings, by 32 points.


      #Bring on the cupcakes Andyain’twinning needs help.


  2. I think T.O. will spend time with his staff to evaluate them to see if they click with what he wants to do. The man has been at some good programs and knows what he wants. He knows if he can get good results in one year he can get with a stable program with more pay.


  3. CAL75,

    I enjoy u much, however the women at cal are usually uglier than the men. I say that with all due respect. I went to Cal Poly Pomona and we had the same problem. Loloo


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