USC Signing Day Prediction

Here’s what is expected to happen for USC on Signing Day:

Tight end Jack Yary, the son of former USC legend Ron Yary, should sign with the Trojans.

Quarterback Blake Shapen from Shreveport, La., is also supposed to sign.

So USC will take a legacy and a QB dropped by Arizona State.

That ought to be a great bow to wrap around the worst recruiting class in the Pac-12.

14 thoughts on “USC Signing Day Prediction

  1. Yary must have determined that he will not be going pro…..just wants a USC degree……good for him……Shapen will be needed……..he knows it……our OL stinks so bad that the two starters are going to be running for their lives and will probably get caught at one time or another……just imagine if we have an injury or two on the line……….Fink has shown that he is not capable. We actually need an additional QB in addition to Shapen.

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  2. This woe is me is wearing thin. Sure they are not sparkly names but looking at the Rivals posted highlights they look like there’s a lot of potential. I am going to wait and see on this one.

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    1. Based on your past posts sunshine-pumping everything Clay Dough or anything painted cardinal and gold, you wouldn’t know or understand “potential” or football if it bit you in the azz. Just as TrojanWB schooled you last night, please leave football discussion for those who’ve played and understand it. You would worship a turd as long as it was spray painted cardinal and gold and had the word “CLAY” imprinted in it. There is no positive spin to put on this recruiting class, as a whole. This is USC, not Oregon State.

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      1. Anderson
        Half the people on this site are FB clueless. It’s a fan blog not a coaches clinic.


      2. On the assumption that you were talking to me , I can only assume you haven’t been taught to read past insults 101. I merely said I watched the video highlights of the two players listed, and saw some potential. I assumed most readers would catch “highlights” meaning the five minutes of football these kids looked good last season. Yary pancaked a kid and stayed with his blocks surprise he can catch too. The other kid wasn’t a bad passer. I will wait and see with these two.
        I will not apologize for loving all things cardinal and gold, my parents started dressing me in it in 1960 when I was 5 years old and taken to the Coliseum for my first football game. As for playing football, I stopped before CTE took over, which undoubtedly isn’t the case with you. I can honestly say I met John McKay at a Pop Warner game. My older brother played football in the same league as McKay’s son. I was on the West Covina Eagles, my brother was on the bruins. I quit playing high school (at Covina High School) about the same time as Clay was born. I gave up because the CHS coach’s son played the same position as I did. I didn’t quit football though, as a member of the CHS band, I attended every varsity game. Our teacher was a Trojan. We went to home and away games. Even though I could only afford Mt.Sac I can happily say I have been on the football field with TMB – where I might add I was able to observe more football.
        As for your comment about recent posts, here is where learning to read might make your comments look less stupid. Over the past few days I said, “Helton is stocking up excuses for the next few years.” I called him, ” Captain unable to coach men. ” I insulted his father and the whole Helton coaching tree. And those are the nice things I have said about him. I would not cross the street to urinate on Clay if he was on fire. I have been posting on USC blogs for so long I cannot remember all of the names I have posted under. Although I have quit on several occasions, I love this train wreck site and have come back too often.
        So if you were talking to me, you are cordially invited to go pleasure yourself with a cactus.


  3. Yary’s decommit was a sign he was not happy with the coaching staff. I would worry if I were him that Helton will hold a grudge and not play him.

    Maybe Yary realizes that Helton will be fired. Yary can always just take a redshirt this year and hope for a good new HC.

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  4. Not breaking news, we all know this class is just disappointing. USC shouldn’t have to take projects, especially when our track record for developing kids is terrible. With that …I wouldn’t be surprised to see Yary end up as a tackle. As for Shapen, he’s just depth. There’s better coming in behind him and certainly better on the roster.

    Scott is a jerk, but he’s a jerk who puts out content everyday. So this no news is still a chance to read something about USC football.

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  5. I still can’t believe that USC has deteriorated to 12th in the Pac12 in recruiting.
    How much more embarrassment can we take?
    What more will it take to convince Folt and Bohn that the USC Football program is “Dog Shit”?
    My Ex USC Teammates and I are dumbfounded and disappointed at what’s happening at TrojanLand.
    We have great Booster’s that are willing to buy out the contracts of these twits!!!
    So what’s the deal? I really don’t know why the light hasn’t clicked on in President Folt’s Head.
    Maybe more embarrassing loses and blowouts, maybe more QB concussions,
    Maybe more lost recruits to Oregon or the SEC!!
    My Coach, John Mckay, would be very pissed right now!!

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      1. So far it seems like it. But, I also think she understands what a high profile program can do for a school. She cane from UNC, who is as big as it gets in basketball. There was nothing that school did that brought exposure like the basketball team. No greater alumni than Michael Jordan. Hopefully she decides that having our football team be what it can be will be a great benefit that outweighs any distractions it would cause her, or….
        Maybe she fully knows she was second fiddle to Roy Williams at UNC and doesn’t want to be in that role here.


  6. USC has no recruiting angle to play at all to any kind right now.

    Really though. What do we have to say to them besides the academic side, that holds any weight with the direction of the program after the last two seasons. How the heck do we sell a kid on playing for Clay Helton?



    1. If my comment is not understandable to some I apologize. Just got the new Note10 which is very cool by the way, but still working on the ins and outside of it.


  7. Also.
    One more burn to Clay Helton.


    Helton is a fraud.
    Jose Altuve is an even bigger fraud.


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