Did You Get Your Season-Ticket Renewal?

Some readers tell me they have gotten their USC season-ticket renewal in the mail. With a deadline of March 6 to renew.

That has to be one of the easiest deadlines to ignore since you know there is not going to be any increase in ticket sales and very likely a decrease.

So what are you going to do?

12 thoughts on “Did You Get Your Season-Ticket Renewal?

  1. I am pretty pessimistic about the upcoming season. But I’m still going to go to the usual 3 games and support the kids. At the end of the year, I’ll probably accept that this is what USC football has become, and hope for 10 win seasons.

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    1. Support the kids by boycotting everything, so they are forced to hire someone else, so the kids futures are better off. You are just enabling.


    2. Support the kids by boycotting everything, so they are forced to hire someone else, so the kids futures are better off. You are just enabling. : )


  2. As Peggy Bundy once said about Al as he was trying to catch a mouse that was wrecking the house….”It’s like watching the Road Runner Cartoons. You know the Coyote is going to go over the cliff, but you watch and laugh anyways”

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  3. There was a photo going around on Twitter somewhere where someone took a pic of the return envelope with the renewal slip sticking out halfway. With a big black marker all over the slip he simply wrote in the biggest letters possible “Fire Helton!”

    Might be something y’all could do instead of tossing it out without a reply. They’ll sure be surprised to open the envelope and see that and no check or your credit card number inside.

    I’ll see if I can find that pic.


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  4. If I ever have the disposable income to make that decision I’ll probably buy them, it’s my alma mater and I was there during Pete Carroll and even if they suck nostalgia has value to me. But for now I live in Texas and I’m not going to go out of my way to find a game watch. Watching us suck at a bar with Texans is less fun than being at home games with friends who remember when we were winners.

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  5. I gave up over 18years of Cardinal & Gold and didn’t go to USC. Used to fly down for all the home games and went to all the away games and bowl games. No more, will go on a per game basis ( if that). They could not tell me where my seats would be ( used to be tunnel 9–row55 , when came in headed towards the 50….Great seats– were wiped out by the Haden piece of shit tower. Should have gone around the stadium, like at Cal–Rose Bowl–Notre Dame, etc. Not down and have seats on each side they can’t sell. Could not tell me where my parking pass would be ( used to be Lot-6)… BUT told me I would have access to bowl tickets WOW! Also gave over $ 25,000.00 the band. They also wiped out our tailgate. They have called me at least 1/2dz times to come back. Sorry NO SALE!
    NEED to FIRE HELTON the $$$$ sucking the USC $$$$ cow.

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  6. Watched the 1950 Rose Bowl on a 9″ TV with Rudy Bukich at QB. Now that all the games televised not so important to battle the hassle of going
    to the Coliseum all day or night. Sat there thru the years of Paul Hackett
    who couldn’t win close to 8 games. Not a fan of Helton, but the AD’s have
    been horrible hiring coaches lately in most sports on campus. Pure luck in
    getting Pete Carroll for his tenure. USC has de-emphasized sports now
    trying to be a Rice or Vanderbilt or Northwestern academically.

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