USC Coaching Staff Shows Desperate Nature Of Program

USC now has five coaches with ties to the state of Texas.

Graham Harrell, Mike Jinks, Craig Naivar and John David Baker are from Texas. Todd Orlando coached at Houston and Texas before USC.

There is nothing wrong with having coaches from Texas, especially if they are better than their predecessors.

But it does show the mercenary aspect and desperation surrounding USC football.

Everything being done right now is about trying to find a magical boost, quick fix to save Clay Helton‘s job.

That is the problem: It’s not to restore USC to its rightful place in the college football world.

It’s all meant as a steroid to overcome Helton.

That’s not a healthy program. It’s just a piece-meal approach. And that is where USC is today: Everything is done with an excuse at the ready.

“Well, we don’t really want to keep Helton but we’re giving him another season.”

Maybe. Maybe not.

But that’s not how Georgia, Clemson, LSU, Alabama or Ohio State operate. And recruits know this.

25 thoughts on “USC Coaching Staff Shows Desperate Nature Of Program

  1. Only if the assistants are really good and allowed to do what they feel is needed will the team be successful.

    But because it is Helton, they probably won’t be really good, and they won’t be allowed to do what they feel is needed.


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    1. Judging from the Monkey Pod Bar, it’s Happy Hour all day everyday in Maui,67!.
      All the guessing about this staff will be over by evening on September 5th, 2020.

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  2. you can have the best assistants in the world and it won’t matter if the HC isn’t also the best. Urban routinely hired no-name assistants and when they left he kept winning. When Urban or Saban lose an assistant in never matters. The HC is an important part of the program believe it or not. Programs with bad HCs that hire superstar assistants for millions never pan out, like ever. Also very rarely do superstar HCs hire superstar assistants.. probably because they know that isn’t what really matters.

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  3. I keep hearing that the SC football program will be better off as long as Helton doesnt interfere with his coordinators, but what purpose does Helton serve if he needs to remain hands-off in order to succeed? We all saw how he finished out the season where he took over the offensive coordinator duties.

    Does Alabama try to limit Saban’s direct involvement in the coaching? No Saban hires coordinators, but he makes sure everything runs the way he wants.

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    1. “What purpose does Helton serve if he has to remain hands off?”
      The same purpose as that leg that was amputated in “Gone With The Wind” —-the patient gets to live.

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    1. If you had a fucking brain you would know that the individual who posts as Mrs Helton is as critical of Clay Helton as anyone else. But you are such a dumbass that you see his username (which is probably intended to mock dumb fucks like you) and assume he/she is actually Mrs. Helton.


      1. As with ensuring the LCD kids pass (and hopefully move along to become someone else’s problem), give him partial credit – he did get one word in his name correct! In the Dark Ages, the intelligentsia must give way to the apologensia…

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      2. I resemble that remark! But that’s beside the point…the Heltitanic Vichyettes are like the lyric “As they move among the crowd, Fools and thieves are well disguised – In the temple and marketplace…”

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      3. Poor Mister Tool. He changes identities a half dozen times a day. I’m probably misquoting —but I recall Professor Virginia Tufte (USC’s 17th Century Literature Instructor back in the day —and a magnificent woman,btw) reciting something by Donne that went like this, “Stiff in his opinions, always in the wrong, everything by starts, and nothing long, but in the course of one revolving moon –poet, fiddler, statesman …..and buffoon”

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      4. You’ve outdone yourself! I wish I was better versed in more classical forms of literature…but as I’m not, my low brow or historical fare must suffice…this particular strain of obtuseness brings to mind the line from the original “True Grit”: “You’re not wrong, you’re wrong-headed…”

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      1. “Yes, Mr. Turner, we know that…” The Vichy Apologensia turning it up to 11 as only the LCD kind can…

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  4. The only fake news is when Graham Harrell gets “offers” for other coaching opportunities. He has a wonderful agent that will perpetuate “offers” to increase his salary. Smart man.


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