USC Hires Safeties Coach

Former Texas safeties coach Craig Naivar is being hired at USC for a similar role, according to Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports.

USC had an opening for a linebackers coach, so it will be interesting to see what kind of shuffling takes place now. Defensive coordinator Todd Orlando could coach linebackers, which is sort of what Clancy Pendergast was doing.

Orlando’s specialty has been coaching the front seven so bringing in Naivar means he didn’t want to trust Greg Burns with the secondary.

25 thoughts on “USC Hires Safeties Coach

    1. “Counselor, the answer to your question is a De Facto yes. Naviar slipped out the door before Texas got around to kicking him out for coaching a secondary that was almost the worst in the country against the pass. Now, he gets to ply his trade at USC.”


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      1. 67 —“HOPE this turns out better than it looks.” That’s what we have to always say now, isn’t it? I was HOPING that an injured Federer would be able to get past the semis in the Australian Open. Now I’m HOPING that one of the worst defensive backs coaches in the nation turns into Superman when he starts working for Clay Helton…..

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      1. 67 —You raise a very good point. Bible Study Group Director. Helton would have been so much more effective in a profession where all the real work (and results) were outside his power & left up to the parties themselves —- like “the saving souls” business…

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      2. Counselor: “Clay? How do you feel when you see photos of those very well paid young men in San Francisco in their fancy uniforms … up poop from the sidewalks?”

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      3. Michael, speaking of cleaning up the streets of SF, the long-time union boss of SF public works has been arrested for taking bribes and corruption. SF has become dysfunctional joke, and yet, voters seem to keep picking more of the same.


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      4. I worked in San Francisco for 3 years as a Special Deputy District Attorney
        and I’m pretty familiar with the place. The voters like being on the “cutting edge” —they like officials who talk about compassion and equity while letting the city literally go to waste. They’ll never figure it out….and they’ll never change….

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      5. P. S.
        …The above reply is not the way I formatted my paragraph before I hit “post comment” ….but…what the hell…..

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      6. Michael, I didn’t know you also worked in SF. A friend of mine who lives in Silicon Valley took his daughter for a birthday lunch in SF. After they park the car in a city lot (for something like $35 for the afternoon), they walk out of the parking structure, and my friend’s daughter almost walks into an addict, shooting up on the street. Put a bit of a damper on the b-day lunch.


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      7. San Francisco (the county and the city) is a neat experiment in thought control. The grammar schools, high schools, colleges, agencies, board of supervisors, district attorney and Mayor all send out the same message —- we’re the cool city. We’re way too cool to waste your property taxes on cleaning the streets or keeping the parks and libraries open. We won’t let our police department waste your tax money clearing statutory nuisances from the sidewalks or arresting people who vandalize the mom and pop stores. And that’s what you want, right?

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      8. ND is Catholic in name only. When they allow Obama to cover up a cross with a white sheet because Obama requested that, that is when they went pagan. ND should have told Obama to take a hike or live with it.

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      1. Yes, Gerry. The very, very nice man who —on his first day as Coach at Notre Dame— saw some Notre Dame players on the way to class, got excited and lost his focus —and drove his cart into a hedge—necessitating rescue by the players…

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  1. I like Guarino when he quickly proofs his response & apologizes. Very niiiiiice MG.
    In SF over the weekend. West of 19th, not one for sale sign. Not one speck of litter. Meticulous yards. I never saw the other gruesome side. Went to the market to get two take & bake pizzas. $28.69. I almost had a stroke.

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      1. It was once the most beautiful, romantic city I ever saw, Arturo. Run by smart, responsible progressives —not panderers. Hopefully, it will, one day, return to it’s former beauty.


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