Morning Buzz: Washington Trying To Upset USC Recruiting

The Washington Huskies did not get the memo that USC thinks it will sign tight end Jack Yary next week.

There were six Washington coaches at Yary’s house last night. Probably talking about how they actually throw to the tight end.

USC currently has five tight ends it can ignore (Josh Falo, Erik Krommenhoek, Daniel Imatorbhebhe, Ethan Rae, Jude Wolfe). So you could argue it needs Yary for symbolic and on-field purposes. It can’t afford to lose a legacy after losing almost everything else in this recruiting cycle.

14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Washington Trying To Upset USC Recruiting

  1. Looks to me like you are trying to recruit him to the Huskies too Wolfie. I know how much you love it when anything negative happens to USC. It gives you something to talk about.

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      1. It’s so creepy how I stalk one individual on this site for no reason. I have a scrap book with all of his comments posted in it. I’m a really strange person. I stalk the same individual yet say absolutely nothing worthwhile.


      1. GT22, thanks for the scoop. In general, it seems that new coaching hires are good news, with the hope that they will shake things up.

        But this guy is the safeties coach – on a team that was nearly at the bottom of defensive rankings against the pass.

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      2. Irony of ironies that the stalker of many who even goes to the trouble of creating fake accounts accuses others of stalking! But irony has always been lost on Heltonites! Isn’t that right, Helen?

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  2. Yary is not going to make or break our recruiting cycle, Clay has already done that. Young, Flowe, and other real impact players would have signaled that even though we are limping we are still the hometown favorite. That ship has now sailed.

    Not sure getting Yary does much for us or himself other than bump us in the rankings. Maybe he is playing the long game knowing there is no way that Clay can hang onto life support year after year.

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    1. You criticize Scott Wolf for having a tenuous grip on the truth. How can you then be critical of Clay Helton????? I’m so confused!!!!

      – Typical commenter on this site


  3. Scooter,

    Who said Washington is trying to break SC’s recruting plan? SC has never had a plan for this year’s recruits. With all due respect to the new players coming in, in the old days, maybe one or two might have been picked up.

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  4. One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.
    We all need to circle together to send the same message over and over again to the administration. Fire Clay Helton. That will cure all of this poaching and belief by other teams that they can poach in our backyard. It’s simple. I Team Bohn and Folt know this, but we need a cohesive effort to make it known that we are one voice.

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  5. Noticed Capt Integrity has tossed a couple offers to some 5-star kids livin’ in SECville. All things helton being all things helton, these types of offers to these types of recruits seem like nothing more than an attempt by chrome-dome to once again spin another bullshit yarn to show things are changing for the better. As if people will see we’ve just offered a 5* DE with similar from Bama, LSU, Clemson, etc and think “oh boy clam helton is on it now! no more 2* stars for us”. As if trojan fans will think “yeah, big balls pete used to go into sec territory and grab up some 4/5* dudes, bout time we got back to biz baby!”.
    Like every other hamhanded attempt by clay to disprove his incompetency (thinking all ya gotta do is wear the logo and flash a fight on, which I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he thought meant “two”) he’s overlooked, forgotten, or failed to compute what happens to the percieved value of an offer from him/his staff when you make that same offer to a bunch of juco level kids. Like D. Sanders was sayin’ about an HOF nod, an offer from SC don’t mean as much these days. An offer from Carroll, or Lane, or even Sark for that matter to an out-of-state guy was something special, something rare, something hard earned, and that in turn created a percieved value powerful enough to lure the recipient west. But when clays anti-midas touch shits all over the process, by handing out offers like a drunk in a bar 5mins from closing time, do we really think recruits are impressed?

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  6. I played with his father, Ron Yary, and and his uncle, Wayne Yary.
    Both great Trojan Players…
    I would go to Washington in a heartbeat rather than go to Helton’s circus act!!
    TE’s are non existent in this screwup offense!
    Zero chance to be coached up for the NFL!

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