“USC” Firing Three Coaches

Defensive backs coach Greg Burns, defensive line coach Chad Kauha’aha’a and linebackers coach Johnny Nansen have been fired.

Now we know why Nansen was not at Junior Day. Todd Orlando will be bringing in his replacements.

I wrote “USC” fired the coaches in the headline because Clay Helton has no control over his program. He told Nansen two weeks ago he could stay and be the special teams coach.

But Helton did not hire Orlando. Mike Bohn did. And now Helton will not hire the replacements.

I’m all for Helton having no influence. But why keep him if he is of such little value?

Go fight Carol Folt tooth-and-nail over this if she wanted to keep him.

30 thoughts on ““USC” Firing Three Coaches

  1. It is quite possible that Bohn has just decided that Helton can remain coach in name and that Harrell and Orlando will run each side of the game, and if they do a good job, maybe Orlando or Harrell is promoted to HC at the end of the season as Helton is “retired” or decides to “quit”. If not, then they will can Helton mid-season and search for a new head coach.

    This seems to be a quagmire that Bohn is setting up. He has lost faith in Helton after the recruiting fiasco and the defensive melt-down against Iowa. He should have fired Helton after that, instead of stringing things along.

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      1. On a totally unrelated note, MG, gotroy, Pasadena, Pudly, Justowns, 04, SAS, rusoviet, Bucket and all other friendly bloggers, please check out my sons on Youtube. I’m just a proud papa like the rest of you.

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      2. Saw ’em both, Arturo! You SHOULD be proud. Benito’s got talent and he’s a born performer (including some great showmanship to make it fun for the audience on Le Polichinelle).
        That was cool! Thanks, Dad!

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      3. Whoa! That was worth waiting for. Good show, Benja. [I can’t even imagine how many hours of devoted practice that took, Arturo. Congrats to Mom and Dad, too]!

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      4. You made my day, MG.
        BTW that is the way I look except I’m fatter and older. i don’t play the piano either. Thank goodness I have plenty of hair.

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  2. The removal of Clancy Pendergast and the defensive coaches should of happened LAST season. It appears that Helton’s complete castration has finally occurred…..

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  3. Does anyone notice that USC announces this on Super Bowl Sunday, when noone is paying attention? More PR crisis management techniques. Trying to hide the problems just doesnt work. They need to do things in the full view of light.

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  4. C’mon Scott, at least give us some reliable information…
    you’re a journalist, you supposedly have sources like I do, and you still can’t get shit right?
    Orlando was indeed hired by Helton after he was turned down by 2 other choices. Orlando and Harrell have they same agent. Orlando was supposed to interview for the job before he took the TTU job, but Helton thought he had someone lined up, that failed and he circled back to Orlando with Harrell’s help. A simple couple phone calls and connecting the dots with agents, one of my sources sharing text messages, and some verifying with actual people on the staff got me this information. If you were “inside” you’d know this too… but you’re not, and you get your info from “anonymous sources” and people in the equipment room, so you get bad information…

    Lastly, Helton wanted Nansen to stay on staff as STC, but it wasn’t something Nansen wanted….

    Get a clue and get off mom’s couch scooter


  5. February 1st comes & goes & Mrs Helton sits by the fireplace with empty champagne bottles all around as she opens Mr. Helton’s bi-weekly pay envelope.

    #C75,President ClayHeltonFanClub

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  6. This is exactly what “Coach Swann” did last year, i.e. try to be the coach as AD, only Bohn is more proactive, though I think Swann has a better handle of winning. Swann may be an arrogant but what he said about bringing back TEs, some under center play action, running, and power football was spot on, it’s just that Helton is the most stubborn bastard I’ve ever seen in my life!

    “Coach” Bohn is not in the position to recruit or change the culture. He inherits Harrell who doesn’t play winning football. This patch up job is just going to make him a less effective AD and a crap shadow head coach.

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    1. That wasn’t “Coach Swann” making off the field head coach decisions.

      It was Steve Lopes. And most of his decisions were disastrous football – wise.



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      1. Agree, but Swann in his interviews really laid out a better understanding than anything Bohn has. Had Lopes listened instead of saying “Sure Lynn” then keeping the bullsht going he might still be in a job. Or maybe not, with all the other eff ups. For that matter, had Helton just once listened to someone, he wouldn’t be on the blazing hot seat and most hated coach in the West status. Wtf is wrong with these people?


  7. Bovard and Heritage Hall want a scandal free head coach. As bland and as ordinary as possible. Helton gives them that. But now everyone sees he doesn’t have what it takes to lead a program but Bovard doesn’t want to fire him because they still want the “Helton image.”

    So keep the HC and let the AD and coordinators run the program.



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    1. It’s gonna be more fun than ever to watch the Helton post practice pressers …now that he has no clue as to what the coordinators are doing…

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      1. I think this is the more likely conversation:

        Helton: I’m happy to talk to you guys about any questions you got.
        Reporter: Can we talk to Orlando or Harrell?
        Helton: Those guys I hired are busy with some post – practice stuff.
        Reporter: But you didn’t hire them.
        Helton: I am the head coach.
        Reporter: I don’t think so, Clay.


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    2. Yet ironically, keeping the bland, uncontroversial Helton has managed to stir up lots and lots of controversy. Great job Bovard!


  8. This is exactly why i said a band aid coach would have been better than keeping Helton. He has no control and recruits and there parents know he is full of shit and may or may not be here by time there sons get on campus.

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  9. “The Trojans have won 17 games this season, yes. But when they don’t have it, they really don’t have it. USC’s five losses have come by an average margin of 18.6 points.” – Ouch!

    ~Adam Grosbard, OC Register

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    1. “Our Athletic Department should not be judged on the basis of our repeated blowout losses to good teams.”
      —Athletic Director Mike Bohn

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  10. so it appears Tony Orlando is running things.

    the best thing he could possibly do, is schedule wolfman for a once a week lunch; i recommend Five Gueys….just keep wolfman away from the large fries (they feed six). shmooz the wolfman and keep him fed with inside info. the wolf can be man’s best friend.



  11. memo to Arturo: kids got a gift! no lie, at one point i hit mute by accident and thought the video was running at high speed because his hands were moving so fast! with all the crappy news lately, thanks for the totally positive stuff!



  12. This is an Amos and Andy show. Bohn and Folt. Just fire the main problem and get on with it. They should stop perserverating and get on with it. Get rid of the preacher( Helton) and you are ninety percent there. If it wasn”t so serious I would be laughing. Fooling around with assistant coaches. Just be a leader and choose a head coach . I still believe the preacher has some photographs. Or is it just stupidity we are dealing with here?


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