Thoughts On Super Sunday Purge

Some follow-up thoughts on today’s Bloody Sunday:

Are all these moves being set so Graham Harrell can take over with a staff he wants in 2021?

  • Is USC going to end up with more coaches from Texas when this is all said and done? Todd Orlando wants to bring his own people in and presumbly someone who worked with him at Houston or Texas. Will these guys be able to recruit in Southern California?
  • USC has become a Frankenstein staff: You have Helton remainers (Tim Drevno, Keary Colbert), the Air Raiders (Harrell, Mike Jinks) and Texas Longhorns (Orlando, Craig Naivar).
  • USC leaked the news just before the Super Bowl. Again, too embarrassed to own a decision. Like retaining Clay Helton via twitter.
  • USC did it one day after hosting a lot of recruits, who thought they were meeting their future position coaches.
  • Nice, classy job by USC letting assistant coaches go after most open jobs have been filled.

13 thoughts on “Thoughts On Super Sunday Purge

  1. Not all the jobs have been filled. 3 openings just came up at USC. They need to fill them and my bet is on three openings will come up around Texas soon.


  2. Well that goes to show Helton what all that bear hugging and back slapping of Bohn got him when Helton didn’t instill any discipline in the team. They talk about defensive backs being “left on an island”. Well, now we get to see what happens with Helton when he is left on an island with authority to run the defense and offense taken away from him. He still doesn’t know how to call time outs, get the right number of players on the field and refrain from playing his pet players. Maybe Bohn will take picking starting players away from Helton as well. It is sad to see it come to this but Helton is not the kind of person to take advice or learn from his players.

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  3. Scott needs to post about Deland McCullough – Chiefs RBs with a good night – fireworks going off all around (I live in KC)…

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  4. The picture of Helton and Bohn looking into each other’s eyes makes me want to puke. Can u imagine what both are thinking? Helton – well I sure conned this stupid SOB. Bohn – and I came to CA and inherited this worthless POS!

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  5. Pretty clear Bohn is taking over.
    I’m guessing one more year of Helton and he will be gone.
    Anybodies guess as to whom the next HC will be.


  6. Bohn turned the tables on Folt. He has usurped Heltons authority and pretty much set him up to leave gracefully. Now that we have a DC and OC who are competent, what happens when a new HC is hired? Does keeping who we now have limit our choices of the new HC?

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    1. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Helton replacement comes from inside.. He may have already been decided by Bohn, (who got himself unexpectedly ravaged by mistakenly underestimating the outrage of keeping Gomer ) and could even end up becoming the “interim”.. early in the new season. Like say on the tarmac if the Bama outcome becomes yet another of Helton’s nationally televised disgraceful moments?
      Whatever…. at least the staff now is just about devoid of all those in house since the Haden years.


  7. What difference does it make as Helton is still head of the ship? Like have a million dollar yacht with Helton captaining it.


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