USC Morning Buzz: Last Word On Junior Day

USC had around 60 players at its Junior Day on Saturday.

Clay Helton told the recruits USC has had more first-round draft picks than any other schools. How many under him? Sam Darnold and Adoree Jackson.

I hear Johnny Nansen was not at Junior Day. This is odd since he is the recruiting coordinator. Maybe he was interviewing for a job.

  • USC lost to No. 20-ranked Colorado, 78-57, last night at the Galen Center. That meant USC has beaten only five ranked teams since 2011. By contrast, Oregon has beaten 28 ranked teams.

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Last Word On Junior Day

      1. Yes, I believe you’re right. But I think Cal75 was wrong about Clay buying them at Macy’s —Macy’s doesn’t have the frilly ones that he likes….

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      2. Michael, you are right. At the risk of getting too graphic, the chipper really needs the #10 gauge wire to hold everything in place.

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      3. Ha! Yeah, like the ones Jimmy Stewart’s girlfriend was working on in “Vertigo”……

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  1. I read Chris Claiborne was at junior day, maybe he is taking Nansen’s spot or as grad assistant. Either way, I hope he comes on board.

    Chiefs 34 Niners 31

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    1. Hope you’re right about the score. [But expect the refs to play a large role attempting to ensure that doesn’t happen]…..


      1. Did you mention winning games that “matter”, gt? That’s not what USC coaches get paid for.
        It might be an act of mercy to prevent Enfield or Helton from participating in post season games……

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  2. Helton should have said something like SC has one likely 1st rounder this year in Austin Jackson and several other possible first rounders in future years in Kedon Slovis, Drake London, Bru McCoy, Jay Tufele and Tulanoa Hufanga. No fan of Helton, but he should point out that Austin Jackson and Alijah Vera Tucker developed into bona fide NFL prospects this past year.

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  3. Scooter boy is so InsideUSC, that he doesn’t even know that Nansen hasn’t been recruiting coordinator for over 12 months now…. laughable


  4. SC seems to be unable to win against well coached , disciplined teams. Good teams don’t choke in the toughest of games , they step up. SC has no ability to do so.Either they are poorly prepared, or over rated athletes. This isn’t a rare occurrence in football, basketball…it is the norm at SC.


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