When You Lose A Loyal Donor . . .

I haven’t seen a prominent USC alumnus at the Galen Center this season despite the fact he has had football and basketball season tickets since the 1980’s.

So I checked to see if he was OK?

“We fired USC,” he said.

Unfortunately, this is not exactly unique right now. But I’m coming across some extremely loyal graduates who are not renewing their tickets any more. This person never criticized Andy Enfield, went to all the football games, belonged to a booster group.

And . . . they are done.

16 thoughts on “When You Lose A Loyal Donor . . .

  1. Dream Scenario: Scott calls the Helton residence and asks why Clay wasn’t out recruiting with the other coaches —- he’s told by Mr/Mrs Helton, “We fired USC!”

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    1. Helton is quarantined. No further evidence needed just look at that recent photo with the Mater Die HC.


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      1. Speaking of coaches like Helton, if Andy doesn’t pick it up a bit tonight he’s gonna be our new favorite whipping boy on this site……

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    2. Yeah, I know. But what’s been happening to the program in the last several years is any indication, anything is possible, including Helton firing Bohn or even Folt. After all, he’s invincible, right?


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  2. Voting with a pocketbook isn’t new, but the arrogance that has led to this is. Well, as new as a decade of confounding decisions goes. Starting with Kiffin, Sark, and Helton and ending with expelling a student hero for throwing French fries at his girlfriend. The list could go on but you get the point.
    Even us cheap seat fans are not happy anymore. After adding my kids to the ticket order I moved from the forty yard line to the seats in the shadow of the huge scoreboard last season my cheap seat money went to a big screen TV. If enough of us do the same thing I would hope they listen. But remember we are talking about the people who did the things listed above.

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  3. Somebody call the bomb squad, SUCCX BB is bombing at home vs #20 Colo. This loss will make Andyain’twinning 1 – 27 vs ranked BB teams.


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    1. Where are the elite coaches of the 1960’s that brought us National Championships in Football, Baseball, Track & Field, Swimming, Water Polo and Gymnastics???? University President, Dr. Norman Topping, strongly supported his athletic programs. He knew the financial impact Athletics brought to the bottom line! “Trojan Nation” deserves better! Wake up before it’s too late!!!
      Former Trojan Athlete 1965-1969.


  4. This is why you do not bring back Clay Helton. Even a band aid coach would have been better because there is no optimism with Clay Helton. I would not be confident in this team even if he had a top 10 recruiting class. The HC is the problem and everybody knows it. I was listening to a podcast yesterday and a Oregon fan called and said thank you guys for keeping Clay Helton another year so the ducks can stack as many recruits as possible. Clay Helton does not inspire or develop players and also his X’s and O’s are atrocious. Why is that idiot still here?

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    1. The “gods” were smiling on him at birth. He is a never was who stumbled onto the HC job of a blue-blood football program and has managed to keep it because of total incompetence at the top.
      He would be comparable to the fictitious Inspector Clouseau with the exception being that Clouseau entertains and keeps his fans happy whereas Clay is a loser when it comes to the giving the fanbase what it deserves.
      He may be a winner when it comes to money. but even Judas realized that money wasn’t everything and killed himself once he realized his betrayal. Something that Clay, being a man of faith, somehow hasn’t learned.
      I am not advocating the literature death of Clay but the figurative one of doing the right thing and resigning. He has betrayed the trust of his student-athletes and the fanbase. He is not a leader of men but rather a conman who cannot deliever what is promised.

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  5. Preach on agent13! I think that is one of the things that upsets me most about Helton is that he is always making promises. Promise the team will be better in November, promise recruiting will improve, Promise discipline will improve, promise the culture and accountability will improve. Geez i am getting pissed all over again and these are just things i can remember off the top of my head.

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  6. It’s been nearly a week since the tragedy so now I can spew my moronic made up sh#t like the Blogger does.

    Wolf is there anything you like about SC? If I recall you called PC “Caesar”! Dude is obviously going into the College Football HOF and Pro Football HOF!! You have nothing to show for your abysmal existence other than this click and bait site.

    You constant vitriol is bringing down the value of your degree and the fact you are not credentialed by USC is all I need to know you are phony, a blowhard and not taken seriously by the university you graduated from.

    This is my last post and I will never click on this site again!!

    Peace to all. Going to WildWest Board forever!!


  7. Vince Manino’s tweet was right on.
    Clay either comes through this year or it is adios amigo. It is staggering to think of SC as last in the conference in recruiting. If he is Charlie “Dudsky” again Bohn and Foit better wake up and smell the coffee or they may find themselves on the same ship to no where with Clay.


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