Morning Buzz: Will USC Make The Boy Wonder A Midseason Replacement?

A former USC coach, currently in the NFL, told me Monday night, “it sounds like Graham Harrell might be the coach after the Alabama game,” after hearing all the coaching transactions being made.

That might be extreme but he is the second NFL coach in two days to say this weekend’s purge sounds like a perfect way to elevate Harrell.

Imagine not even doing a national search and making the Boy Wonder the head coach?

Can he at least run the ball and beat a good team before he gets anointed to lead USC?

Surely, Mike Bohn did not come out here just to keep Helton and replace him with Harrell, right? Right?

  • Clay Helton would have made a great contestant on “Survivor.” Put him on an island with 13 assistant coaches and he is sure to be the only survivor.

I’m still amazed Helton can go into the living rooms of recruits and talk to parents about integrity after he threw 13 assistant coaches under the bus.

  • Former USC football player Bill Holland has been named interim Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development. That sounds like the former job of Ron Orr, who was recently fired.

USC said it will hold a national search for a permanent replacement. It’s able to hold national searches for everyone but Helton.

Swim With Mike, Orr’s brainchild, will take place April 4.

27 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Will USC Make The Boy Wonder A Midseason Replacement?

  1. Watching the Super Bowl, Harrell better learn how to install a running game as did the Chiefs and Niners to balance both their attacks and defenses. The flip side of the Air Raid coin is the lack of a run game and a defense that has to stay on the field too long and can be beaten in the PAC-12 by a running QB which gives them an extra player on the field. So you win games 50-48 against other imbalanced teams but you lose to balanced teams. Harrell needs to study the play calling on both sides of the Super Bowl to learn how to win. Or is he a one trick pony? The Air Raid is exciting but after a while the fans will be bored with not winning.

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  2. Harrell is very pro run. He just hasn’t had the horses or felt comfortable enough with his o line. One thing you don’t need to worry about is him sticking to one way on offense. Chiefs are a perfect example of how the Trojans should be run with a good QB.


  3. I get that you have to come up with content since it’s barely February. But there’s too much hand wringing over the assistant coaches who’ve been let go. They were all terrible. The guys that replace them might be terrible as well but this is a lame duck year anyway.

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    1. As I said in an earlier post, Scott is right to call bullshit on Helton’s “holy man” routine. To all the people (none on this site, thank God) who say they’re disappointed with the formerly pure Clay Helton trying to survive by ratting out his assistants, let me say this: When I was very young a wise boss told me that “what a person does at the end is what they were planning all along.”
      Helton was always prepared to throw his assistants, team and boss under the bus if it could buy him more time. That’s who he has always been. We’re just getting to see the real Clay now that he’s feeling threatened. He’s a real piece of work —and the sooner we dump him, the better.

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      1. The sad thing is he has become a multimillionaire by throwing everyone under the bus. So to Clay, why change now after all the monetary success he has enjoyed?

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    2. Clearly Clay has got to go. But there is no chance he planned to let any of these guys go. He was told to do so or else. First by Swann and now Bohn. Clay played a kid at center who couldn’t snap the ball. He kept a special teams coach that couldn’t get the right number of players on the field. He had an o line coach that was terrible and a glaring weakness. He had a d coordinator who didn’t recruit. Not sure why the root of the problem stays while everyone gets the axe, but that is what has happened. Clay isn’t shrewd or slimy, he’s lucky. Plain old dumb luck. He’s had two AD’s force his hand or else we would still have Callaway, Baxter, Clancy, and Tee. Swann’s extension might go down as the dumbest move by any AD anywhere at any time.

      I will ask this about his character How much a guy can be neutered and still want to hang around?

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      1. Pudly — You are kindly letting Helton off the hook way too easily. He kept Toa cuz he wasn’t about to get his ass fired. Same with Callaway.
        The only question you need to ask yourself about Clay’s integrification is this: now that his ass is on the line, are his old pals still drawing a paycheck? [A Big No] Is HE still drawing a paycheck? [A Big Yes].

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      2. MG,
        Not Pudly here. I’ve posted under 3 names for the last 7 or 8 years. Mrs Helton was given to me by some trolls, so I’ll run with it.

        Maybe I’m letting him off easy, because he didn’t fight for his guys. But he never planned to let any of them go. I’m not sure which is worse. Keeping guys who can’t do the job or sticking around to become a impotent figurehead as all of your guys were let go?

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      3. Mrs. Helton — Not to beat a (very) dead horse too much further –but there’s a difference between not “wanting” to throw his “family” under the bus and being okay with it if it’s the only way HE gets to survive.

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  4. Boy Wonder? This the new nickname? I wonder if Julius whatshisname approves.
    I guess the real thing here is that even the Heritage Hall custodial crew could come up with a better game plan than Clay Helton.
    What’s his nickname-I forget is King Ralph?

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  5. No more lazy, internal head coach hires.

    If y’all decried USC’s habit of hiring former USC assistants or only people with ties to USC then why are some hoping that Harrell will get elevated to the HC job? (He has no HC experience).

    If fans want another USC connected guy, then why not go and just hire Jack Del Rio or some other USC coach?



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      1. Neither is simply elevating USC assistants or hiring guys who get USC.





  6. Graham Harrell is a finesse coach, so if they hand the program over to him, the Trojans will never win a national championship. It would be the 4th bad hire in a row 😂😂

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  7. Although Swim with Mike is a great event, and the show should go on, there is no love lost at the dismissal of Ron Orr. His departure was long overdue. He was one of the causes of the prolonged problems within the “Club” of USC’s athletic department. The entire place needs to be replaced. The culture is toxic. It is the biggest reason for the dysfunction of the athletic department. The culture that was promulgated was and is awful. It’s as if there was the Great Wall around it, and it needs to be torn down. Although I don’t agree with Folt and Caruso’s decision to retain Helton (hint the picture with them and Helton after the Oregon blowout congratulating him on his drubbing), Bohn is making the right moves within the restriction he was given. Hopefully Coach Folt will life that restriction soon.


    1. This was a stupid post from the outset. Ron Orr was there for many,
      many years including all of the Pete Carroll tenure. What the F do you
      know? Don Winston was the HoF fundraiser who applied the pressure
      on donors. Orr was a scapegoat in this case.

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      1. Orr was not a scapegoat.

        He was let go because the input he gave to other senior administrators was very, very poor. The decision making in Heritage Hall brought national disgrace to the department and part of the reason why was because of decisions made of which Orr contributed.


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  8. USC should and has the ability to get a head coach not only with experience but with a track record, if Bohn accepts someone like Harrell he has under performed in his job

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  9. Scott,
    We all know you toe the “everything about USC is terrible” line, but don’t you think at some point you should possibly take a little bit of wait and see approach? You alienate yourself from players and coaches before they’ve even stepped foot on campus or into their roles. Drill away at Helton, he’s established who he is. The jury is still out on Harrell. In my option, he’s been good for the program. I know others don’t like the air raid (although I would argue that you just watched two teams win championships with pass first offenses) Can you imagine what last year would have been with Tee and Clay running the show? Yikes.


  10. I remember when Helton was called “the (only) adult in the room”. And he is still called that I think. But what is an “adult” in the position of a head football coach (or military general or even a parent)? It is someone who realizes they have to use authority to bring about the best results for their child, their soldiers or their players. Helton is not that person. He wants players to love him, and he wants to love them back. Not a good recipe for surviving in combat, on the playing field which is often called “like war out there”, and in parenthood.

    Q: So how is it that Helton is called “the adult in the room”? A: Because he is the only non-drunk on the coaching staff? (which sort of was at one time the case).

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    1. Gotta give Todd some credit, he’s going hard on recruiting trail so far. Not sure how his defense will perform, but anyone is a better recruiter than Clancy.

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