USC Lands A Commitment . . . For 2022

Niuafe Tuihalamaka, a highly regarded linebacker from Alemany in Mission Hills, has announced he committed to USC.

Tuihalamaka is a Class of 2022 prospect. That means, theoretically, all of the current USC could be fired by the time Tuihalamaka actually signs a letter of intent. Or maybe every assistant coach and Clay Helton can survive firing 22 assistant coaches.

But the commitment does give Helton/Mike Bohn a bit of good news, even if it means little since Tuihalamaka is two years away.

Maybe he committed under the assumption Helton won’t be there in 2022.

7 thoughts on “USC Lands A Commitment . . . For 2022

  1. The big breasted Wolf and his vaunted “sources” citing that Helton will be replaced after the Alabama game…Considering how he vets his sources and does his due diligence does anyone think there is an iota of accuracy to this post? Did this “source” speak with Mike Bohn about this theory? It seems rather conspiratorial…Is this the same source that told him that Helton was to interview for the UNLV job before Urban Meyer was hired?

    The big breasted Wolf isn’t even the best at providing relevant news on his own site. Pudly76 does a better job at finding “inside USC” news. But I guess that’s not too surprising to dumbfucks like Michael Guarino and the navel gazing sycophants who were unaware that Scott “the big-breasted” Wolf claimed to have insider sources. Shocker!!! The name of the blog is “”

    The latest bit of humor is how they all now claim to not read or care about Scott Wolf’s posts but only read each other’s comments. Yet they all respond to every post with their brain dead commentary.

    At least BuddhaKarma had the smarts to vacate this joke blog. If anyone remembers he was one of the first to point out that Helton was a disaster, while Michael Guarino and that other a$$hole Jack B wouldn’t stop berating BuddhaKarma for being critical of USC.


      1. Haha. Why would anyone think I post as Pudly76? Pudly seems like a nice person. Whereas I have no problem calling people out for being morons. Pudly has taken so much abuse on this site for no reason for being an enthusiastic alumni/fan of USC. The moron probably bigger than Guarino is gotroy22. That idiot thinks everything is a conspiracy designed to disrupt his precious little world. He’s a sad soul.


    1. Many of the people (myself included) who post on this blog are doing it for laughs. I used to have fun jumping on Scott’s journalistic abilities, but that got to be too low hanging fruit. So I moved on to checking his anonymous sources, again it was too easy to point out the obvious. So now I just hang in there waiting for good news. As much as I want to say Todd Orlando is better than Clancy Painintheass, I really don’t know.
      The fact that USC football has sunk below the level of a Jr. College in the middle of a wheat field, bothers me. Some days I look at what Scott has written and say…”I got nothin’.”
      I have hanging in office at home, a puzzle that when completed is a cartoon USC football game at the Coliseum. The stands are full of celebrities and (no joke) Scott is standing in the corner of the end zone, he must be someone. (right?)


  2. I went to several Alemany games this past fall, as I know one of their players. Assuming this kid is #44, he stood out like an NFL player compared to the other 21 on the field. Couldn’t believe it when I was told he was only a sophomore.

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