It’s Never Too Soon To Fawn Over A New Coach

USC got a commitment this morning from linebacker Niuafe Tuihalamaka and one site claimed new defensive coordinator Todd Orlando is “already making an impact.”

Next will be some fan/USC pundit saying Orlando is “doing work.”

So Tuihalamaka was one of 60 recruits at Junior Day last weekend and immediately committed to USC after an initial meeting with Orlando?

It couldn’t be that he grew up a USC fan? Or that he liked the Polynesian linebacker pipeline that has been established at USC the past few years? No, he was mesmerized by Orlando!

And the sad part is, some fans will actually buy this spin.

7 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Soon To Fawn Over A New Coach

  1. “Mom! The meatloaf!!”
    Scooter screams from the sofa in Mom’s basement….

    Just another thing to complain & whine about you sorry excuse for a journalist…


  2. SC got a commit for 2022 a hell of lot of things could before then and maybe one of coaches fire did all the leg work before being fired


  3. Wolf, you would bitch if they hung you with a new rope! Can you be anything but a self imagined mind reader that only sees every glass as half full?


  4. I’m one of those guys who is actually excited that TO is out recruiting hard. The new recruit acknowledged him. It’s OK to be excited about the new guy, it’s OK to be a fan.

    Sports should be fun.


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