Michael Drennen Picks Kentucky Over USC

Tailback/wide receiver Michael Drennen of Dublin, Ohio, just committed to Kentucky over USC.

Surprised? Of course not.

USC’s recruiting class is ranked No. 66 by Rivals and No. 54 by 247Sports.

Apparently, two-star QB Cade Fennegan has not yet signed his letter of intent with Boise State and is still mulling his decision.

USC is also taking two walk-ons from St. John Bosco: Danny Lockhart and Matt Colombo.

This is going down as the worst recruiting class in the era of recruiting rankings.

It’s unbelievable Carol Folt and Co. thought this was acceptable.

7 thoughts on “Michael Drennen Picks Kentucky Over USC

  1. Analysis1: We did not do very well in recruiting.
    Analysis2: Clay Helton is worse than Satan in the eyes of recruits and everyone else.
    Analysis3: Will this ever stop?

    More heads deserve to roll for this. Does any at USC hear me? We could have really put some space between us and UGLY this year in recruiting, but, alas, we screwed it up again.

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  2. I will be waiting fot Bohn to come out and tell us fans that we do not know what we are talking about when it comes to recruiting and defend this idiot Clay Helton. Think they will have the balls to hold a signing day press conference??

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    1. Oh, I really hope they do…..

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      1. Reporter: Why was this class not as good as prior classes?
        Helton: I don’t know. I’ll have to go back and look at the tape.


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      2. marvienna —
        Tessalone: “One more question…
        “[Ladies and Gentleman, this is our last press conference —you won’t have Nixon…I mean, Helton… to kick around anymore”]…..


  3. Big Big Trouble for USC!
    Are you kidding?
    Folt and Bohn have to be blind and complete idiots to continue to oversee the complete destruction of USC Football…
    USC is going to lose to Alabama 100-0..
    Maybe then, with newly concussed QB’s,
    Will Helton be FIRED!


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