USC Has Become Excuse U. On Signing Day

Tailback Michael Drennen will announce his college choice at 3 p.m. (PT). He is down to Kentucky and USC. Kentucky is the frontrunner.

There are obviously two Signing Days now but this feels a long way from when ESPN used to show up at Heritage Hall or when I was there some years at 4 a.m. when the East Coast letter-of-intents arrived.

I’ve heard all the excuses: It’s a small class. USC went for players it needed instead of more highly regarded prospects. It was hurt by waiting so long to announce Clay Helton was coming back, Yes, really, I’ve heard that from some at Heritage Hall.

It’s become Excuse U.

Meanwhile, the other schools (Oregon, LSU, Clemson, Alabama, Georgia) take the recruits USC used to sign.

14 thoughts on “USC Has Become Excuse U. On Signing Day

      1. Why would any alumnus like Scott Wolf be upset with the direction of the program after today’s recruiting disaster?

        We should be proud of being 10th in the Pac 12 in recruiting and just shake our Cadinal and Gold Pom Poms and have some more of the 9 layer bean dip at the tailgate parties this autumn and brag about USC’s #1 Diversity and Inclusion Program.

        SC is becoming The Stanford of the West.

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  1. “or when I was there some years at 4 a.m. when the East Coast letter-of-intents arrived.” Laughable… What you mean is when you were actually allowed to be on campus, and didn’t have a restraining order for stalking the Song Girls….
    Back when Pete used to clown you publicly during his post practice Q&A sessions…


    1. Back when you brainless rah rahs were defending Pete’s basketball buddies Kiffin and The Drunk taking over running the offense from Norm Chow, and back when you told us we were getting a Dream Team of coaches with Monte Kiffin, Norm Chow and Lane Kiffin, and back when you told us how much better The Drunk would be than Ed Orgeron, and back when Helton was hired…

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  2. It will be years before USC catches up to Oregon’s talent, and that’s with a top rated coaching staff. So just imagine how deep the Trojans will continue to sink under Clay Helton, it’s totally embarrassing

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    1. Fan Boy,

      I think if Myers was here, he could have snagged a few of the recruits that are going elsewhere. Then next year, he could have had about 95% of them. But with Helton, we are batting zero.

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  3. ya’but it’s all about integrity…sc style
    REAL integrity took place at Mich St. football this week…he knew it was best for the program, he did what was best for the program…that takes REAL integrity…not sc integrity.

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    1. A lot of great coaches have known when “it’s time.”
      [I guess when you’ve got a hanger on like Helton you need a strong Athletic Director to do what the coach himself won’t do] —

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      1. Yeah, I’d quit after the bonus too. It’s an integral part of integrity.

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  4. A few years ago USC started a quarterback with the last name of Browne. The kid had national rankings up the kazoo, but in a game he was a deer in the headlights. (behind a line that made ballet look like a contact sport). Everyone hollered “Yank the kid out!” We got another kid named Darnold. If this was the only incident where Helton and his staff had put the wrong player in a game situation, nobody would think anything of his mistake. (okay a few would still be grumbling)
    BUT this pattern has been repeated numerous times over several seasons until it is quite obvious Helton cannot evaluate talent. (why should he be able-his dad never taught him) So USC had a center who couldn’t hit the broadside of a battleship with his snap, we had a running back that bounced backwards with every hit like a superball. Helton takes these extraordinary steps to keep failing players in the lineup in hopes they will learn a valuable “life lesson” (or some BS like that) which the administration fawns all over like a 8th grade girl at a BTS concert.
    Now we are wondering what has happened to recruiting? Helton is stocking up on special cases who need a little lovin’ – like the great love of Helton’s life TOA. “Talent? who needs Talent when desire can be channeled by the right coach.” Is Helton’s mantra and we are stuck with this dry dipstick for at least another losing season.
    My prediction (call me Rah-Rah if you care) We are in for a season of unfathomable mistakes. Mistakes that would make an 8 year old Pop Warner player cry. We will win games because the other team will be so busy laughing at our team they cannot see straight. The Refs will stop calling false start after the line backs the team up from the 15 yard line (achieved by running out of the back of the end-zone on a kickoff) to the one inch line. Instead, they will call delay of game and take a down. Security will be tightened at the Coliseum because the Ticket office will be hitting up group homes to fill seats. They will give willing paroled criminals two beer tokens and a free hot dog. (The stadium will be empty after the first quarter) And all the while the integrity will wear thin, but not enough to get the Helton taste out of the football program.
    And the bright side is Disney will option the rights to the team for a sequel to Air Bud. They’ll call it Gus two. Lookin forward to next season…NO?

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  5. an insult to logic…16 yrs of good MSU teams
    comparing it to hellton getting paid for ruining a program…lying while claiming values
    one deserves a bonus the other?


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