USC Loses 2-Star QB And Tailback Prospect

Two-star QB Cade Fennegan decided to sign with Boise State. Tailback Elijah Turner, who visited two weeks ago, committed to North Carolina-Charlotte.

It’s a Signing Day to remember all right. At least Jack Yary will sign because he always wanted to go to USC and didn’t care about Helton, the Air Raid ignoring the tight end or anything else.

Is Coach Bohn high-fiving Helton today?

UPDATED: Oaks Christian wide receiver Ty Shamblin has decided to walk-on at USC. He had offers from Air Force and Columbia.

19 thoughts on “USC Loses 2-Star QB And Tailback Prospect

  1. This is the second player I’ve heard recently who chose to attend USC and walk – on to the football team. (Shamblin and Columbo from St. John Bosco).

    Just a few years ago, USC didn’t have enough scholarships to give out because of the sanctions.

    Now, USC has the full complement of scholies and can’t give them away under Helton!




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  2. I think Helton is the right guy for USC. Integrity first, football second. What good is a Rosebowl, if it gets you 10 years probation?

    I can’t wait to see Helton price all the haters wrong next year. Fight On!


  3. A running back picked North Carolina-Charlotte over USC ?!!! 😳. The program is at a all time low, and the administration doesn’t seem to care, but the arrogant, Carol Folt wants the fans support 😂😂😂😂😂

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  4. Nothing about clay’s continued employment as head football coach has ever, nor ever makes sense. I’m beginning to wonder if him being here in the first place is some kinda bullshit secret handshake addendum to the sanctions levied by the ncaa. As in:
    ▪Vacate BCS National Championship
    ▪0 bowl games for 2 years.
    ▪Forfeit a bunch of wins
    ▪Loss of 30 scholarships over 3 years
    ▪Hire a dumbass as HC for 5 years
    Bet it’s in the fine print. The shit that never makes any sense often accompanied by some sort of outrageous financial restitution is always buried in the fine print… right next to Trojan pride.

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    1. NCAA to Haden: Thanks for not fighting us in court cuz we would have lost big and owed USC millions.
      Haden: My pleasure.
      NCAA: Now we’re gonna ask you to do something that’s even worse for USC —make Clay Helton Head Coach.
      Haden: My pleasure.
      NCAA: Wow. That was easy.
      Haden: Is there anything more I can do?
      NCAA: We’ll let you know.
      Addendum: 1 month later the NCAA took Haden up on his promise & requested that he tell Helton to keep Tee Martin, Callaway, Baxter and Pendergast for as long as he could get away with it. When told of the plan Helton replied “my pleasure.”

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  5. According to some of the morons who comment, by pointing out Scott “the big breasted” Wolf’s marginal journalist talents equates to supporting Helton. You have to be extremely stupid to arrive at that conclusion.


      1. And I will continue to do so until I decide not, you dumb ambulance chasing fuck. Got it, dick?

        And don’t pretend you don’t get triggered into your typical navel-gazing drivel when the big breasted Wolf whines and moans about USC


      2. MG
        You didn’t deny chasing bambulances. So there’s that.

        I wonder where that guy works in the SC janitorial universe?


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      3. gt & 75 — I find it, um, ironic that this guy —who maybe needs to think about lowering his ‘tone’ dial —accuses Scott of being over the top….


    1. You have to be extremely stupid to waste your time here on a USC sports blog run someone you claim to despise. But you’ve been doing it for the last 2 decades usiing an insult from the 1980s you freak.

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