USC Recruiting Class Wasn’t “Sexy” For A Reason

Clay Helton said USC’s recruiting class was not “sexy” because it had so many linemen.

But isn’t the real issue that it did not have a quarterback, tailback, linebacker or defensive back?

But USC would have sacrificed five recruits for linebacker Justin Flowe. It would have found room for defensive back Darion Green-Warren, quarterback Bryce Young, wide receiver Kris Hutson or defensive back Dwight McGlothern.

The issue wasn’t whether the class was sexy. It was that the skill positions and corners ignored USC.

  • Jerry Palm has USC as a No. 7 seed in his current NCAA Tournament bracket and facing Xavier. If USC won, the Trojans would play Duke.

9 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Class Wasn’t “Sexy” For A Reason

  1. Again with “no skill players” as if linemen don’t have skill . Linemen are the first skill needed to get the “skill players” past the defense . They just look like the big guy who squats like a sumo taking a dump, while preparing to launch into the defense. They need to know which way to move and who to block. For their size, they are usually pretty quick. Some of the best NFL Trojans were linemen.
    Maybe the words you are looking for are “low skilled” recruits. Assuming the star system works, three star players need coaching to become college ready. Still they earned some respect.


    1. Flowe, Young, Warren and all these players were losses no doubt. Come on now, SW, if those players would’ve signed it would’ve been because they were die hard, life long fans of USC. Helton should be fired in my opinion, but when some of those no – skilled players develop, will you be man enough to apologize?


  2. Nothing this guy Helton does is sexy.
    He nudes-up and his wife takes a powder.
    Heard he’s saving scholarships for JC Transfers.
    What a dick.


    1. Hey Juan Valdez,
      O.J. Simpson was a JC Transfer you dumb dick. Clarence Davis , also.
      Keyshon Johnson came from JC. You know nothing about the football
      history of the Trojans.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Aaron Rodgers was a J.C. transfer.
        Chuck Muncie was a J.C. transfer.

        #Some people,I’mTellingYouSMDH


      2. I’m a JC transfer ( didn’t have the dinero to go to where I was accepted), but maybe I’m not the best example.


      3. and…that is how McKay built up sc in his early years…prior to that Compton College was a pipeline…Tay Brown was the coach there, an sc all American…Frank Gifford came out of Bakersfield jc…


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