USC Morning Buzz: Another Urban Meyer Encounter

Someone I know ran into Urban Meyer this week at a Washington, D.C., hotel and told him he should coach at USC.

“I’m done coaching,” Meyer said.

“That’s probably what he tells everybody,” said the person, who did not believe Meyer.

As usual, it’s always worth noting Carol Folt never wanted Meyer at USC. For one thing, he would have had all those recruits who wanted to come to USC and forced a recruiting dinner to be held.

  • Mike Bohn has still not composed a tweet since Dec. 4. His assistant, Brandon Sosna, has not tweeted since Jan. 11.

24 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Another Urban Meyer Encounter

  1. Pete said he had no desire to coach in the NFL again but we all knew deep down he wasn’t going to be sticking around too long. Circumstances may be different but Meyer didn’t leave CFB when he wanted to and he still has the itch being the great competitor that he is.

    That said let’s say Urban is never gonna coach again…..Let’s say Helton is fired this season…..Who do we target first?
    I hope we don’t do something foolish and hire Bob Stoops, he’s a popular name but he’s just gonna bring his family on to try and recycle the Oklahoma days and we will have his brother running the defense and it will be Clancy Pendergast again. Stay away from the Stoops family in my opinion.

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  2. Sounds like a real in-depth conversation if it actually happened, which is doubtful. The second part of your post is disjointed and unrelated to the first part and only shows your negative bias.

    Nevertheless how do you know Folt never wanted Urban Meyer at USC? Another one of your anonymous sources tell you this? Please give your readers names of sources. This has only been conjecture by alumni/fans who assumed Meyer wanted to be USC HQ as desperately as USC alumni/fans wanted him to be HC.

    There has never been proof that Folt put restrictions on hiring a HC. And no reputable journalist is claiming this to be true. So continuing to cite yourself as the source for this rumor highlights your ineptitude and piss poor ethics.

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    1. I’m not disagreeing with everything you’ve said —I grant you some of it —but grant me this: If Folt was ALL IN on Meyer, Meyer would be our head coach. For a variety of reasons —some having to do with ‘correctness’ — Folt was NOT all in. It’s hard not to read in between the lines when somebody starts talking about something as subjective as ‘integrity’ in the middle of a coaching search involving a high visibility maverick vs. a mediocre journeyman best known for not “doing drugs or playing around.”

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      1. That is entirely conjecture on your part. There is no proof that Folt did or did not want Meyer. It’s fine for readers to have an opinion, but Scott “the Big Breasted” Wolf repeats ad nauseam that Folt restricted Bohn from hiring Meyer when there is zero proof. The unemployed blogger continues to cite his own reporting as evidence is bogus journalism and highly unethical.

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    2. “How do you know Folt never wanted Urban Meyer at USC?” Maybe by reading any USC website the last 5 months you brainless rah rah freak.

      Report: USC President doesn’t want Urban Meyer as coach
      By BRAD CRAWFORD Sep 18, 2019

      College football insider Brooks Melchior of Sports By Brooks says
      Urban Meyer is the top target as Helton’s potential replacement but USC President Carol Folt is against the idea of him leading the football program.

      “In the last two days I’ve been canvasing my sources locally here in Los Angeles and I’ve been told Folt wants nothing to with Urban Meyer,” Melchior said.

      November 7, 2019 @ 2:34pm » Matt Hladik

      USC officially hired Cincinnati’s Mike Bohn as its new AD earlier today. Bohn replaces Lynn Swann, who stepped down at his alma mater in September.

      Over the last several days, it was reported that Bohn was having second thoughts about USC after originally accepting the position. According to reports, and confirmed by The Spun through sources, the reason for Bohn’s uncertainty was related to an alleged mandate from USC President Carol Folt that Urban Meyer would not become the next football coach of the Trojans.

      There’s plenty of proof you need institutionalization .

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      1. Nice, gt. [But ALL you really need to know is that directly after Bush said he was going to recruit Meyer —and right after Meyer said the USC H.C. position was an elite coaching job that any coach in the country would be honored to fill —Folt started making sounds about “integrification requirements”]……

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      2. Come on. You can’t cite Sports By Brooks as proof of anything and be expected to be taken seriously. His track record is a joke. That website also sources told him that Helton would be fired before the ND game last year. That obviously missed the mark. Scott “the big breasted” Wolf continues to cite his own gossip which shows no journalistic integrity.


    1. It’s not a positive sign for Oregon’s long range athletic interests when their best response to VERY serious charges is, “to date we haven’t been contacted by federal prosecutors.” Oregon has been on notice of these problems for a very long time —- and their lawyers are waiting for criminal filings before they answer them? Is this what they tell recruits?

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      1. Yes, the dirty ducks have been at this for many years. Last fall, there was a survey done among college coaches about who ran the most questionable program. Nearly 50 percent answered “Cristobal”.

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      2. You really have to wonder why good players would sign onto the Ducks. Poverty With A View.
        Jobless Degree unless you like selling shoes. 4 years of college & 40 years of an Oregon degree then you better hope for 5+ NFL if you go play in Oregon. 40 years with a degree of any of the 4 CA PAC schools….take your pick of opportunities if you’re not a reprobate.
        It always seemed odd to me that good players went there. Was it a new Range Rover in your uncle’s name?

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      3. Cal75 — When you put it like that, it almost seems like Oregon recruits aren’t very smart……


    2. The ducks, who have a real shady history to begin with – start with Chip Kelly, have a former University of Miami Hurricane player as HC? Yeah, that sounds real NCAA compliant.

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    1. Personally, I’d prefer a National Championship Winning Head Coach creating that structure over Folt or Bohn attempting to do it……

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  3. Random thought, when CBS mics the rim for the college basketball broadcast it sounds like everyone is shooting into a coffee can.

    Also, I believe Folt fully made the decision to keep Helton. I also believe Bohn will let him go this year no matter the results.

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    1. Smart observations. No matter how things shake out win/loss-wise, Helton has to go in order for USC to attract top talent…..

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  4. Does anybody besides me think Bohn reacted to the games he saw? And that Helton received a pass due to injuries last season. If I’m right, that makes Bohn the only man in America unable to see the whole of Helton’s tenure.
    Our reaction wasn’t for poor showing last year. Even Kim Helton got one lucky season before going down in flames again. Like father, like son, we all know statistically Helton is due for another bombed out season. That the administration couldn’t see this as plain as email they received, says a lot about the incompetent people doing the hiring.

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    1. I think Bohn began figuring things out after the Holiday Bowl….and then got confirmation after signing day….but, by then, it was too late….


      1. Ha!…….
        [btw –I hope the following story isn’t true. It’s being said that a couple of months ago Clay lost a university check for $169,000. The Helton family searched around the house for a couple of minutes before Clay said “Forget it —I’m tired—what difference does it make anyway?” When Mrs. Helton asked whether she should call the Business Office, have the original check cancelled and a new one made out, Clay said “Nah! That’s too much bother. Let’s just wait for the next one.”


  5. Mike, you know that is not true. That is just a part of trying to justify The Preacher’s retention. Barnum and Bailey show.


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