USC Quote Of The Night

While doing some research on Willie Wood, I came across this quote from Stanford coach Jack Curtice on the 1959 USC-Stanford game:

“The turning point of the game came after they played the Star Spangled Banner,” Curtice said.

USC coach Don Clark (left) shakes hands with Stanford coach Jack Curtice in 1959.

8 thoughts on “USC Quote Of The Night

    1. Texas and Nebraska wanted him….this late in the game of coaching musical chairs, Naw I don’t think so. Some one would have already have grabbed him. All we got was a castaway.

      In fact new K-State coach Chris Klieman, a Coach with 4 FCS National Championships in 5 years at ND State took him off the field and made him a Senior ST analyst.
      My son who’s co-worker is a K-State alum, who’s parents are boosters, stated he kept Snyder on as a favor for Bill Snyder, it was suggested to Sean early in the 19’ season to find a landing spot.

      Nor was anyone beating the doors down for Todd Orlando…but Our Pet Eunuch head coach and spineless AD.
      So put your delusion of SC greatness aside….it will remain same ol’…same ol’ At best another 8-4…if Eunuch is lucky.

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      1. Exactly !!
        All we got were very very average Coaches!!
        Just like our Head Coach!
        I still cannot believe our lousy recruiting class!!

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  1. Here is an off topic question: would JT Daniels transfer to LSU if offered by coach Orgeron, if Kedon Slovis is named starter? Would he be eligible immediately because he sat out with injury? Could Daniels face USC in a bowl game? Would Daniels be tempted to follow in Joe Burrows footsteps?

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    1. You previously asked this question in another thread without reply…does that indicate how ridiculous your scenario is…it’s not going to happen!


      1. This scenario could happen!
        JT or Slovis will have a hard time getting to the NFL with Helton and Staff.
        And a poor recruiting class of 2 star linemen..
        Prepare yourself for QB injuries..
        Most likely in game #1……

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