Thanks, Enfield! (Updated)

Whenever I criticized Andy Enfield last year, the rebuttal was always the same: But he is bringing in a great recruiting class!

The talented recruits are here but is the team substantially different? Enfield teams cannot protect leads, play smart in crunch time or offer any type of consistency in the final minutes.

Arizona State went more than 11 minutes without a field in the second half and still defeated, USC, 66-64.

Enfield’s never won at Arizona or Arizona State, by the way.

21 thoughts on “Thanks, Enfield! (Updated)

      1. I was?

        You really must be a sick bastard if you try making jokes about people being groped. It’s too bad you’ve been triggered by my criticisms of The Big Breasted Wolf that you would stoop to such depths. Even for you, your comment is disgusting and not even close to humorous.


  1. What’s up with bozo bb. The prize recruit, Isaiah Mobley, no longer starts and tonight he played just 19 minutes, & had 3 Rebs, 1 Ast. and zero points – Yuuuuge.


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  2. Blue chip recruits are way overrated. Enfield is not a good basketball coach. Street ball basketball does not work in the Pac 12 you must have a point guard 7th place in the Pac 12 and will not make the NCAA tournament. RIP in Peace Bob Boyd that man could teach the right way to play basketball.

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  3. Very sad to watch this team play basketball. Merry Christmas Arizona State, and most of the turnovers were caused by our point guard looking lost in a key game. Another wasted season. Issiah Mobley is the most overated recruit I have ever seen. Slow, can’t jump no way he plays in the NBA. Okongu is talented, but not ready for the NBA he is not big enough and limited offensively. Okongu, reminds me of Ron “Spoon” Riley who was very athletic like Okongu, but had a very limited offensive game. Ron, played a few years in the NBA, and he was just as good as Okongu probably better.

    Dear Pat Haden:
    Why did you hire Andy Enfield who had 1 good season at a small school, and not PAUL WESTPHAL who wanted the job, and had NBA and College Coaching Experience. I though Rhodes Scholars make all the right decisions!!

    USC Basketball Coaches Ranking:
    1) Bob Boyd
    2) Stan Morrison- he is the last and only coach other than Sam Berry to win a Pac 12 championship
    3) Carol Folt
    4) Mike Garrett
    5) Jacque Hill
    7) Henry Bibby
    8) Jim Hefner
    9) Tim Floyd
    10) Andy Enfield Wife
    11) Andy Enfield
    12) Charlie Parker

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      1. Honest question, 67: Who is worse developing talent —Helton or Enfield?

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      2. karma — I quote my first supervising attorney after I explained to him how weak the evidence was in my first case and why I needed to dump it: “Yeah —I say this reluctantly, but I guess that’s the only answer.”

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  4. Enfield is garbage and must go after season. He has no idea what to do at end of games. Lousy starts and poor finishes. How ridiculous is it that Okongko takes 3 shots from the field entire game. Worst turnover team
    ever. Next season losing Utomi, Mathews, Racocevic, and probably the Big O with another over rated Mobley coming in who doesn’t dominate
    in High School. Adlesh is poor white trash in the few minutes he played.
    Time for Jeff Nygaard to be fired on the spot for Men Volleyball. Swept
    by Grand Canyon tonight. He really can’t recruit or coach.

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  5. I want to wake up from the bad dream that is the level of talent hired to coach athletics at USC. There is no rhyme or reason to retaining folks who are nowhere near the best in their fields, especially in high visibility sports. Money for salaries cannot be the reason at USC, so what is it? Pat Haden bears the majority of the blame, but we have done really no better in the 10 years since (an entire decade!). And with no relief on the horizon (Bohn retaining Helton means Enfield’s ‘winning’ season will set him up for a return as well – hard to believe Tim Floyd was the last decent basketball coach we had!), there truly is no leadership or vision to hire true professionals who know and teach their game better than anyone else into those roles.

    In history, there is a name for such epochs like the one currently underway at USC where despite the resources available there is universally little advancement and no better than a vacuum for leadership. It is referred to as “The Dark Ages.” (Shudder)

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    1. Nice piece of writing. But there actually IS “rhyme and reason” to USC’s coaching situation. After Mike Garrett, USC made a very deliberate decision to hire weak Athletic Directors —who, in turn, would hire weak head coaches —who, in turn, would hire weak assistants……

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      1. “After Mike Garrett, USC made a very deliberate decision to hire weak Athletic Directors —who, in turn, would hire weak head coaches —who, in turn, would hire weak assistants……”

        Who in turn become the new weak head coach, it’s a vicious cycle.

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      2. That would be hilarious except for the fact it’s true….and about to happen again (probably right before or right after the Utah game)…

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