USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann’s Parting Gift

USC’s awful loss to Arizona State last night once again serves as a great reminder of the predicament Lynn Swann has left USC in at the moment.

He tied up Clay Helton to a long-term contract extension with no buyout. He tied up Andy Enfield to a long-term contract extension with no buyout.

And now USC is stuck with two mediocre coaches.

Now maybe there are ways to deal with this, such as getting donors to buy out those contracts. But the current administration has no desire to go that route.

Instead, they would rather make excuses.

11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann’s Parting Gift

  1. What happens when one doubles down on the error of picking people with no experience whatsoever for the job.


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      1. Moral of story: You shouldn’t hire or retain people on the basis of their cluelessness….

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  2. I’ve have spoken to Swann over this past
    Year. He’s a pompous ass!
    Good riddance to this Twit.
    Same for our esteemed Pat Haden!
    Both these guys played more Golf than time on property running the Athletic Department!!!

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  3. Hey, Clownster’s, all isn’t lost.

    Should the NCAA lay the Death Penalty on the SUCCX BB program, Andyain’twinning should, no doubt, be out of a job. Clown U could fire Enfraud for cause, ’cause Andrew claims he didn’t know squat, but he should have, ’cause he is ultimately responsible for the men’s bozo bb program.


  4. Even worse than hellton is who hired the AD’s…the source of the incompetence include addition of extensions.
    I don’t think it is correct to list Enfield on a par with hellton…his record I better than helltons the last few yrs . 20 win seasons are considered better than mediocre.


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