Maybe We Should Call Him Andy Enfraud

A few extra infuriating thoughts on USC basketball:

USC’s big victory in the Pac-12 is over Stanford, which was improbable and the Cardinal are likely just an NIT team.

Andy Enfield is 14-34 in February at USC. The business end of the season.

Can USC handle a full-court press? Does Enfield practice against it?

Exactly who does Enfield outcoach in Pac-12 games?

9 thoughts on “Maybe We Should Call Him Andy Enfraud

  1. He’s an incompetent, hired by an incompetent ( Haden ) who was hired by an incompetent ( Nikias/BOT ), see a pattern here ? Rinse and repeat for Gomer.

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    1. Another choice that is a head-scratcher. Enfield had only 2 years of HC experience before being hired at SC. Of all the people who could have been picked, how did they find him?

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      1. USC Athletic Director Pat Haden called Andy Enfield “a relentless recruiter and he has integrity and great character.”-ESPN, April 1, 2013…sense a pattern here?

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      2. You know what’s particularly depressing, gt? It looks like “the pattern” is just getting rolling. Nothing about Folt or Bohn suggests “light at the end of the tunnel.”

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  2. True…his teams seem to fail in the championship rounds..they are not clutch players and choke when the going is toughest. Their o/s shooting is too eratic,like their free throw shooting,and the 2 inside guys can’t get it done…if o/side is so bad ,go with 3 inside,or at least alternate it.


  3. Dear Scott Wolf:
    Stan Morrison is the only USC Coach in the last 50 years to win a Pac 12 basketball championship. To me, that was an incredible accomplishment based on how mediocre the basketball program has been, playing in the old “batcave” called the Sports Arena, and how poor attendance has been over the years. None of those players on that championship team were 5 stars,and perhaps only Wayne Carlandar was the only 4 star recruit.

    Stan Morrison, accomplished more in 1 season that all the other USC basketball coaches that followed. In my opinion he would have won another with Bo Kimble, Tom Lewis, and Hank Gathers, but they fired Stan, and brought in George Raveling which was such a huge mistake that USC basketball still has not recovered from despite having the new Galen Center.

    Do you agree Stan Morrison should be put in the USC Hall of Fame? ONE Pac 12 basketball title in over 50 years should not be acceptable at USC, but it is. Stan Morrison- Should be in the USC Hall of Fame- He created history in 1984 that no other USC basketball coach can match.


  4. Henry Bibby coached some exciting teams and won many memorable games during the Brian Scalabrine years… unfortunately his ego got the best of him…
    Tim Floyd was our last great coach…his teams and players improved as the season
    Progressed…sadly he made poor decisions and had to be let go…If Tim Floyd was still at USC coaching the current team we would be in the Top 10
    I go to USC basketball games and this Team has talent…but to see the lost look and confusion Everytime they run a fast break
    Drives me crazy
    This team has some excellent wins this year that came from shear talent
    Not Coaching!!!


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