University Of Shaky Coaches

USC is tied with UCLA in the Pac-12 basketball standings. UCLA!

This is why you cannot have Clay Helton and Andy Enfield lead programs. They are perennial underachievers.

Helton is a figurehead with no power. He lets Graham Harrell and Todd Orlando handle the X’s and O’s.

Enfield’s problem is he lets two coaches bring in the talent (Jason Hart, Eric Mobley) but there is literally no one for the X’s and O’s part. He doesn’t know anything other letting guys launch 3-pointers.

Two weak head coaches. With no personality or charisma. Or leadership traits.

But both have rock-solid three-year deals left with USC

19 thoughts on “University Of Shaky Coaches

  1. Thanks Wolf for your usual diatribe on all things wrong with USC. Only in this horrible all around USC environment are you allowed to thrive with all this horseshit. Get a real fucking job will you.

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      1. 67 — Actually, I think these are tough times for Scott. USC had a golden chance to make things interesting —but they decided to stick it out with a proven loser. It’s hard to make things fun when they’re so bad. Maybe Scott should cover Rafael Nadal thru the French Open. Or switch over to Alabama coverage for spring and fall practice. USC just isn’t giving him enough to get his teeth into.

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      2. Michael, yes, let’s put Scottie on covering ‘Bama football. Since Scottie used to call Pete “Caesar”, what would he call Saban? “Patton”?

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  2. I don’t think it’s a bad thing where the HC is the figurehead. I think there needs to be a balance and not have the HC stray too far into doing too much of what the coordinators do. That was one criticism with Lane Kiffin. People wanted him to stop being an OC and delegate more responsibility to the coordinator while he was the figurehead HC.

    Helton’s problem as the HC isn’t necessarily his power as HC but his ability to set the tone for the program. That’s where he is severely lacking. If the coach wants a tough, aggressive team then he sets it up so the team will be that way. If it’s about competition, the coach finds a way to make that an element of his program.

    Clay instead has created a soft program. He talked a big game about being tough and hard – nosed but has done absolutely nothing to get the program there. The HC should know what he wants his team to look like identity wise but with Clay it’s one thing out of his mouth and something else entirely come practices or game day. He has no consistency when it comes to toughness, discipline or any kind of team building.


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    1. the bottom line is that each person sets the bar of what they consider to be acceptable performance, and Clay has always set a low bar because he thought his job was safe.

      by this time, bohn is tired of clay’s BS and so clay is finally fighting for his job, finally.

      too bad Clay didnt think he needed to fight for the success of his players in the past. when it didnt impact him, Clay was content to be the coach that everyone loved, even if it meant they would not play in the NFL and would have a lesser life.

      the only problem is that Clay only cares about Clay. he thought when he got the job at USC that he had been crowned king and could hire mediocre coaches (like his adopted Uncle and brother, etc) and that somehow USC’s recruiting advantage would win him games. he doesnt have a philosophy of greatness and is only making changes because his hand is forced.


  3. Hey guys give Scott a break!
    Apparently you faithful loyal Trojan Fans think Helton is exceptional and we should sit back quietly for the next three years and accept his
    Incompetent shit!
    Get real and say something constructive and relevant!
    You don’t seem to have answers to USC’s
    DogShit Football Program., except criticize the messenger who know a lot more About USC sports than you do.

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    1. Arturo is it not true Clown U bb is tied with UCLA @ 6 – 4 in the Pac-12 standings.

      UCLA has defeated 3 ranked teams; the bozos are ofer vs ranked teams.


      1. Yes. That’s how Helton should be introduced —“The other kind of scary.”

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