USC Morning Buzz: Johnny Nansen To UCLA?

Former USC assistant coach Johnny Nansen is close to being hired as UCLA defensive line coach, according to BruinReportOnline.

This is a strange hire. Nansen is a jack-of-all trades but hasn’t coached defensive line since 2011 at Washington.

Is he being hired for his recruiting abilities? That’s the only possible explanation I can imagine because no one in coaching circles ever mentioned Nansen’s coaching as one of his strengths.

This is where you get into the debate over how bad USC recruiting has been the past two years and whether Nansen is culpable or was completely hamstrung trying to recruit for Clay Helton.

Nansen certainly knows Southern California. And has recruited well at times for USC.

Maybe Chip Kelly thinks that is more important than having a good defensive line coach.

Nansen is lucky. He gets fired and a week later gets hired by UCLA. He doesn’t even have to move.

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Johnny Nansen To UCLA?

    1. I think Chip’s thing at UCLA is safe as long as he consistently wins 4 games……

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      1. I doubt CK will last as long as a loser as Andyain’twinning has.

        Andyain’twinning has never won a bozo bb game in the state of AZ.


    1. my guess is that bohn has set a real minimum bar helton must hit to remain coach and helton finally realizes that he cant continue to fake his way through this. so now helton is willing to fire every coach in order to save his own neck.

      of course, helton didnt care about whether the coaches were developing the players to their max potential in the past. he didnt care about creating a national champ team. he didnt care that he lied every time he opened his mouth.

      but now he cares that someone has finally set a high bar of expectations.

      helton cares about helton. hopefully, we can do away with the pretense that helton has integrity and just put the fire to his belly to force the changes needed or get rid of him when he fails.

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      1. A.D.: Clay I need you to hear this–your namby pamby approach to practices is losing games.
        Helton: So?
        A.D.: And it’s hurting player development.
        Helton: So?
        A.D.: And it’s causing damage to the USC Brand.
        Helton: So?
        A.D.: And I’m thinking of firing your ass.
        Helton: I’m listening.

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      2. MG, the last part actually went like this

        A.D.: And I’m thinking of firing your ass.
        Helton: You might want to ask Coach Folt about that

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      3. karma — and then Bohn says, “Doggone it all… I wasn’t really gonna do it, Clay. But Carol told me that— as my reward for being such a pussy whipped ‘yes’ man— I could talk tough all week without fear of contradiction.”

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  1. I come here for Scott’s irreverent take on things….

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    1. You’re missing the point. It’s not about why I come here — it about why you come here……

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    2. It’s always fun watching a troll getting destroyed by a guy who uses his real name & made a living with his brain and mouth on the same page.


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    3. Cal75,
      [I knew it wasn’t his real name]!

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  2. Very funny.
    “After Saban”. Yeah —way, way after Saban. [Check back to yesterday’s posts — Helton needs more effective x’s on the field —and fewer o’s on the scoreboard]…


    1. “Laying the track for the demise of Helton.” At Halftime of Alabama game? Or directly afterwards?

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    1. The truly laughable part is that if Alabama played the powder blue boys from Westwood, the Tide would be favorite by 60+………


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