USC Wants To Steal Oregon Assistant

USC wants to hire Oregon cornerbacks coach Donte Williams but the Ducks are making a counteroffer to try and keep him.

It really says something that USC or Todd Orlando identified an Oregon assistant to bolster the coaching staff. Oregon has become the program to emulate in the Pac-12.

Just a few years ago, it seemed like USC was the top program but that was due more to Sam Darnold. Still, Clay Helton’s been in the Pac-12 since 2010, why does he need to steal a coach from Oregon? Why didn’t he have the vision to see what it takes to be the top program in the Pac-12?

USC has the most advantages of any program in the West. But Helton needs to go to Oregon to get an assistant who can coach and recruit?

That is the key: Name a USC assistant the past 10 years who could coach and recruit? The first one who pops in my head was Deland McCullough, and he split after one year for the Kansas City Chiefs.

24 thoughts on “USC Wants To Steal Oregon Assistant

      1. Fan Boy,
        No worries. Bohn is telling the new assistants, “I want you to act like Clay’s still coach — but between me and you —- he’s a dead man walking. He’ll be arrested by National Guardsmen 1 minute before the Alabama game — and one of our coordinators will take over.”

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  1. This is such a typical SW thought. Yes, Clay isn’t any good, we get it. But every staff in America is put together by taking coaches from other teams. Who cares where we take a guy from as long as he is good at his job. Really dumb take.

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  2. That’s good. Steal their coaches. They are stealing all of our recruits. Why not steal some of their coaches. Mark Cristobal is not a great head coach. He’s just got a lot of great assistants. Let’s go after them.

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  3. So the fact that oregon’s other DB coach is our very own former DB coach Keith Heyward doesn’t mean that mario recognized Clay’s talent developing coaches? That’s the same logic, right? Hahahahaha

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    1. In order to write a daily column it’s necessary to give up on the concept of “reciprocal notions”…..

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