Looks Like USC Hired Corners Coach

Donte Williams is expected to become cornerbacks coach and passing game coordinator at USC, according to the Athletic.

Some of the USC media is already drooling, of course. Like I say after every hire, if it’s good, who does it help? Charles Clay Helton.

The real question is what was Williams promised to leave Oregon and work for a lame duck?

He was obviously given a multi-year contract. But more than that, he had to be told he would remain to work for a new coach, whether it’s Graham Harrell or someone else. You don’t leave Oregon if you need to look for a new job in a year.

  • Meanwhile, two-star Cade Fennegan officially turned down USC for Boise State.

16 thoughts on “Looks Like USC Hired Corners Coach

  1. It appears to be true, because several sources are reporting this move. And it does beg the question: Who is pulling the strings? The rah rah part off me is hoping this is a positioning like a chess move, which will make our staff better looking to any not Helton head coach, by the crafty athletic director. The pessimist part of me says we are just building a support staff for a clown who is head coach for the future by the clueless athletic director .


  2. How do Folt and Bohn-head get a top head coach like Urban Meyer or Bob Stoops to take Clay’s place next year if they force him to accept all these holdover assistants? This must mean Clay stays no matter what through the end of his contract!

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    1. Good point, gt. The other scenario/ recruiting pitch is that the staff will remain in place even if Helton is dismissed. It does create more continuity/ stability for recruits. I would rather have Meyer, but at least they’re trying something.

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    2. gt — It’s still possible (isn’t it?) that the plan is to get a bunch of good assistants and—by October — pick one of them to lead the show? Please say yes….

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  3. Donte Williams has alot of connections to California. Maybe he left because he prefers the Golden State more than the state of Oregon. Definitely not because Helton is a draw to work for.

    He’s coached at LA Harbor, El Camino and Mt.Sac community colleges and San Jose State where he was the recruting coordinator for two years.


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    1. Williams is abandoning a sinking ship (recruits aren’t flocking to Oregon because of the unís or Cristobal’s sparkling personality- not to mention bad in game coaching and 400 national ranking as an institution v. Top 20 for SC).


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      1. I don’t see Cristobal staying for more than 3 or 4 years. Another good season and I bet if a top program comes calling that he’s going to bolt Eugene faster than when Willie Taggert took off. Oregon is a stepping stone school, not one where a good coach plans to stay 15 – 20 years.

        And, as long as Larry Scott keeps screwing the Pac – 12 into irrelevance than any coach worth his salt knows that it’s best to leave for greener pastures and the national exposure that the Pac – 12 can’t provide. Unless you’re at USC which most coaches can’t claim.


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  4. I agree. And it’s really sad. But these moves wreak of Helton sticking around no matter what happens. A truly scary thought.


  5. Donte Williams signed an extension last season, his salary was over $400,000 annually, so USC must be paying him well over half a million dollars with guarantees .

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  6. I want to be excited about the hire and i hope the new coaches get USC pointed in the right direction but as long as Gomer is the Head Coach i just do not believe the USC Trojans are gonna be any good in football. He does not want to practice hard and he wants to coddle certain players. Those two things are always going to be the biggest problem with him at the helm.

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  7. Scott, cant you even be positive on something that is clearly good news? The coaching changes on the defensive side of the ball and ST has been quite positive. Orlando is a good hire, even if he had a tough year at Texas.

    My guess is that this is all Bohn forcing changes or applying the heat to Helton.

    There are many ways this could turn out in the long run. As long as Bohn decides that a national title contender is the only acceptable standard, that is all I care about.

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