All Hail Donte Williams!

Donte Williams is wasting no time offering scholarships today.

He offered five-star corner Ga’Quincy McKinstry of Alabama; five-star corner Tony Grimes from Virginia; four-star corner Avante Dickerson from Nebraska and four-star corner Nyland Green from Georgia.

It’s good he is being aggressive. And the USC recruiting media is falling over themselves over every offer he makes.

But what will he tell recruits who want to know who their head coach will be in 2021?

That’s a key hurdle for Williams.

9 thoughts on “All Hail Donte Williams!

  1. Just curious blogger, but with Johnny Nansen gone who is the Recruiting Coordinator? Does someone have the title or is USC just going to jump right in without giving the title to someone?




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  2. Awesome, another dude for Flow to hate. And he hasn’t even done shit at USC yet, good or bad. It’s a good thing Flow isn’t allowed within 100 yards of the football program.

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  3. Can’t be afraid to go after the big fish. Can’t be afraid of competition. Can’t be afraid period. Attitude and confidence will draw recruits. Carroll, Norton, Orgeron, heck even Kiffin had it. If Williams brings it, sweet.

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  4. JUST BUYOUT gomer claydo HE’LL Ton ALREADY PUT UP THE $15 to $20 Million Get the Donors and Alumni and USC students to PUT UP the MONEY SO All thisB.S. negativity can go To U know what AND LET Donte Williams take over RECRUITING


  5. It’s great that Donte is going after high caliber talent but it’s clear that top players do not want to play for that idiot Clay Helton. Until he himself is gone this program will be mediocre.


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