USC Has A (Sort Of) Recruiting Event

USC did not have a recruiting dinner but it just sent out invitations to an event at the Coliseum to “welcome the recruiting class to the Trojan Family.”

It also promises a “chalk talk” with Clay Helton and the coaching staff plus the new recruits who enrolled in the spring (all four of them?).

And here’s the kicker: It only costs $150 per ticket. Sign us up!

23 thoughts on “USC Has A (Sort Of) Recruiting Event

  1. A lot of local fans would probably happily attend [and pay the $150] if a second announcement goes out saying that Clay won’t be able to make it …and the rest of the staff will take things over.

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  2. Fans should respond that they’ll pay double, even triple the cost of the fee if Helton is fired first.

    If that happens, USC could make back the cost of hosting the event and make a nice hefty profit.



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    1. marvienna — On second thought, I really feel we need to reevaluate our positions. A day without Helton is a day without sunshine. Think how much fun Scott will have when Clay introduces the new defensive staff with the words ‘This is the bestest staff I ALWAYS wanted!’ …..after saying Clancy was the ‘bestest” for ‘holding’ the hapless UCLA and Iowa offenses to just double their previous highest totals of the year…..

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      1. Michael, yes. All of us have a threshold for which we won’t watch. Wife and the youngest have bailed on me, given the retention of Helton. Not sure how much longer I can hold out.

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    1. Trojan1967,

      That’s not USC’s goal. The goal is to bleed the USC fanbase/suckers of as much money as is humanly possible without the fans knowing that we’ve given them a crappy product.



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    1. 3/4/20. 5:30 p.m for snacks. [6:30 for chalk talk]. “Smart Casual Attire.”

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  3. If i shelve out $150 to meet the number 55 ranked recruiting class do I at least get to ask Helton 3 questions? Or is this pay $150 to shut up and listen to his coach speak and spin?

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