USC Hires Virginia Defensive Line Coach

This is not likely to cause a fanboy celebration but USC has hired Virginia defensive line coach Vic So’oto.

He has only been a full-time assistant for three seasons and played at BYU. Is he an upgrade over Chad Kauha’ahaa?

He is the second cousin of former USC star Junior Seau.

8 thoughts on “USC Hires Virginia Defensive Line Coach

  1. VIRGINAhad a record 46 sacks last year and National ranking of #6 Defense. There is NO Clemson in the Pac 12. Plus the college football playoffs is always SEC Teams 1st win the Pac 12 then the Rose bowl. Plus FIRE claydo gomer HE’LL Ton THEN USC can Recruit 5 star


    1. If you’re going to get a DL coach, get him from the South. If he can sway Korey Foreman, then he woulda been worth the hire.


  2. I am going to risk and say that maybe, just maybe, the Defensive Coordinator is trying to build a defensive staff and defense that will be respectable to very good. I’m hoping for a good outcome from this. I would laugh if the entire staff was good and yet the head coach is the liability.

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