USC Morning Buzz: Pac-12 Can’t Compete At Any Level

Mel Tucker leaving Colorado for Michigan State was seen as another example of the Pac-12 being unable to compete with the Big Ten or SEC. Especially when the Pac-12 previously lost Mike Leach to Mississippi State.

But Tucker and Leach did not leave USC, Oregon or Washington for those jobs. They didn’t even leave Arizona State or Utah.

That doesn’t mean the Pac-12 is not falling behind. It is.

But here’s a real example: Florida State spent $20 million on three buyouts when it fired Willie Taggart. USC couldn’t pull off around $12-15 million buyout for Clay Helton.

Michigan State did what it needed to do to hire Tucker. Florida State did what it needed to do to get rid of Taggart. USC did not do what it needed to do with Helton. It shrank. It hid. It made excuses.

When the crown jewel program of the Pac-12 is impotent, why would the smaller programs compete against the Big Ten or SEC?

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Pac-12 Can’t Compete At Any Level

  1. Since I do not frequent the campus, I cannot speak to the current condition of the buildings, but it could be the money is needed elsewhere. The people making the money decisions are not diehard football fans, they’re business people. We ran off the football people because they weren’t good business people. We have no good balance anymore. The Queen of Troy said “I’m not gonna spend that kinda money to pay someone to do nothing. That’s where we are.

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      1. Folt is a dedicated Social Justcie Warrior doing exactly what the Future Mayor of Los Angeles Rick Caruso wants her to do. The Board has determined that football is a violent oppressive male sexist patriarchal sport which must be phased out and replaced with Womyn’s Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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      2. @gotroy,

        The scenario you paint is EXACTLY what I’m afraid of. I can’t prove its accurate, but it does explain y he decision retaining Helton. There is no plausible football or financial rational for retaining Helton. Remember. a booster offered to pay Helton’s buyout. and was curtly turned down by Folt.


      3. @gotroy
        Thing is the football program’s revenues enable those non-revenue sports to exist and compete. Coach Folt is, in effect, cutting off her nose to spite her face.


    1. The money from the Athletic fund doesn’t come from general, or infrastructure or academic funds etc.

      The people who were associated with athletics on the board were excellent business people- the Fluor family, Buss family, Hughes family, etc. The people that are not taking over are not good at business, they are good at politics, the game of taking things from people who are good at business. They are stealing a university.


  2. Larry Scott. Thanks so much for your stellar record.

    Larry Scott’s salary( & contract). Not bad for a tennis coach.
    Larry Scott’s assitants salaries. 10 x $500,000/yr.
    Larry Scott’s overhead. Just his office rent alone.
    Lookem up. You’ll be amazed.

    I’m in the wrong line of ‘work’.

    This is on the AD’s & Univ Prezzies for allowing this pork barrel. Hold them to the fire Wolff because no one else seems to be doing it.


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    1. As reported by Yahoo Sports, Scott’s annual salary of $4.8 million tops the combined compensation of his Big Ten and Southeastern Conference counterparts, and the Pac-12 pays $6.9 million annually for its offices in San Francisco.
      Athletic Business › college › as-pac-…
      As Pac-12 Struggles, Commissioner Stays in Posh Suite – Athletic Business

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  3. Whoops, my bad. He got a raise to $5.3 MILLION this last fiscal year.

    LARRY SCOTT PAC-12 SALARY. Google it. Start reading. Start sending emails. Don’t stop sending emails.

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  4. I’m not sure how much money Michigan State is paying Mel Tucker, but he better be able to recruit. Because the Big Ten is not the PAC 12, the teams are much tougher, and more physical.

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  5. Larry Scott seems to be playing the Time Honor Game or kicking the can down the road with promises that he is the person to lead the Conference to greener pastures when the TV Contracts come up for Bid, continuing to collect his salary along the way. What the Presidents have been ignoring is that when this does happen, what the Pac 12 will have to sell to the TV Networks is a product approaching Group of 5/Mountain West Quality. I haven’t understood this for years and still don’t. Maybe I am the idiot.

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  6. How many people here think Gomer had any hand in getting any of these new assistants.

    I can bet you that he had no idea who the Oregon coach was, who the Virginia coach was, who the special teams coach was and may not have known who Orlando was despite coaching against him twice.

    Gomer knows no one, Bohn seems to know how to hire what look like competent coaches who have ZERO connections to Gomer, he’s doing his best to save the incompetent boob from himself

    The only problem for Bohn is, Gomer can call time outs and get brain cramps on the sideline to fuck over the team not to mention the sermon’s he’ll give before, during and after the games.


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