USC Morning Buzz: Does Carol Folt Realize The Pac-12’s Woes?

Do you think Carol Folt, who didn’t mind bringing Clay Helton back, has a clue about how inept Larry Scott has been as Pac-12 commissioner?

It’s part of her job to decide Scott’s fate but I doubt she has a strong view on him.

Mike Bohn is certainly familiar with Scott because Bohn was at Colorado.

Scott hasn’t pushed to expand the College Football Playoff, which an awful conference (the Pac-12) needs for more revenue. I doubt Folt knows or has any position on this either way. She likes to attend sports events but doesn’t seem too interested in issues regarding the Pac-12 so far.

With USC currently getting around $20 million less per year from the Pac-12 than Big Ten schools receive, Folt should be concerned. Especially with university donations down. She didn’t want to buy out Helton’s contract. She reportedly turned down a donor who did because she doesn’t want to be beholden to any one.

With that said, she better get Scott to increase the revenue stream or join a movement to replace him. But who really sees that based on her performance so far? She doesn’t seem like a trend setter when it comes to conference matters.

  • USC, which has lost three straight games, faces Washington tonight in a suddenly critical game at the Galen Center. The Huskies have lost eight of nine games since a 72-40 victory over the Trojans on Jan. 5.
  • If Sam Darnold walked on to the USC campus today, he would not find a single coach otuside of Helton that was with the program during his final season with the Trojans.

31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Does Carol Folt Realize The Pac-12’s Woes?

  1. Carol Folt isn’t the only one who cares about “integrity”…

    “It is a blessing and honor to return to Michigan State University where I began my coaching career with Nick Saban,” said new Michigan State Coach Mel Tucker. “Thank you to President Stanley, Athletic Director Beekman and the Board of Trustees for the trust that you have placed in me to lead one of the finest football programs in the nation.

    “Returning home to Michigan State is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my family but it created the toughest decision of my life – to leave Colorado. There is no way to fully express my gratitude to the Buffalo student-athletes, Rick George, and our staff. I am incredibly thankful for our time together and I will always believe in Colorado football.

    “Today, I am excited to get to work for the Spartans. Together, we will be relentless to create an integrity-filled and winning culture for our staff, coaches and student-athletes in everything we do – on and off the field.”

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      1. Maybe Carol can take some time outta her busy day kissing the Board’s ass and listen to this rant (which is —let’s face it —partially aimed at the fucked up job Larry Scott has done and continues to do). If Carol woke up just a little and assumed more of a leadership role she could do USC immeasurable good by spearheading a search for a savvier —and more USC-oriented — Pac 12 Commissioner.

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  2. So for three years we hear ” we have terrible coaches- we need new coaches” Now we have new coaches, some actually sound as if they know the game and most have played the game. (unlike Clancy) Now we hear “nobody knows the coaches.”
    Someday in the distant future (I hope) we will read a headline saying, “USC has dismantled its football program due to inability to satisfy their critics,” and Scott will pop up from his unmarked grave and shout…Amen!!

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      1. What? What in your diminished ability to read says I like Helton? You obviously have a bigger rock under which you live. Ninety-nine percent of my posts in the past three years have bashed Helton –So how do you see me as a Helton supporter. I am merely saying that the coaches have been replaced and that for the past two years Scott has been calling for the removal of the coaches. They are removed. Get it? Scott got his wishes. But Scott is like a child who wants ice cream. After badgering his parents for an hour he gets his ice cream and cries, “What no cherry?”
        In my 60 years of being a Trojan fan I have never seen a worse situation, but it has moved slightly in the right direction. I know that with the current administration (completely oblivious to the meaning of football to the university) this move is a giant leap for them. I also read quite extensively and know that maybe only one of the new coaches we are currently overpaying is worth the money- still as I said this is a step toward fixing the situation. Nothing in my statement above is actually about the team. It is all about the want for a cherry.

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      1. Michael, Michael, Michael, When Scott got ousted from his gig with the paper, his blog went on for I don’t remember how many weeks without a comment from the paper. It seems nobody cared to let the blog know that Scott was on “hiatus.” Many gravitated to another blog or two. I have a presence on Trojan Daily Blog because Scott disappeared, then one day he came back.
        I know I reek as a satire writer, but I was merely attempting to point out that the day will come when all of us will be no longer able to write (shall we say) Unmarked grave is a bit harsh judging by the number of cheerleaders who hang with Scott, but there are a few here that would say if Traveler died the same day Scott died (in the distant future) they would attend the horse funeral first. Or as Dickens put it “I’ll go if they serve lunch.”

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  3. A very mediocre coach 5-7 last year!
    Hasn’t learned much from Previously being on Saban’s and Meyer’s staff.
    Too bad for the players that commited to the program.
    PAC 12 coaches really stink!
    Larry Scott is a complete Joke!
    BTW, Helton, Folt and Bohn ate Bigger Jokes!!

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  4. I’m just amazed that someone can keep a job, a job that pays him millions and more in perks, while having failed miserably year over year. Wall Street would punish him royally with a low stock price, and the board of directors would have no choice but to fire him. I don’t understand why a nonpublic, yet public entity, just rows along in a direction that will sink the ship. Mind boggling. As for Tucker? If they are going to pay him $5M+ who wouldn’t jump ship for a bottom dweller in a different conference. At least he can save up some money and retire early. He is assured a comfortable future. I can’t blame the guy.


    1. I “blame the guy”, joan. I blame him a lot. As a Trojan, I rate integrification as the greatest of all virtues.


  5. Jumped on to see if sky is still falling….check.

    OK, better get back to work now. Cue the car wash, burger flipping, etc. comments.


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    1. Pudly —It looks like Connelly sees us as inferior to Alabama, Oregon and Notre Dame —meaning we would win the Pac 12 south and lose the pac 12 championship. Depending on HOW we lost those game (triple overtimes?) we could wind up a top 15 team….

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      1. oregon returns it’s whole defense sans dye, and replaces him with the top LB (arguably) in the country, Justin Flowe.
        Will it be a case of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object? And if it is, which cracks first?

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      2. Pudly,
        I hope the answer to that question isn’t “our offensive line.”

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  7. Carol Folt is full of integrity?!?

    Did she forget what happened at UNC?

    “There will be something both exasperating and sad about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s leaders filing into a hearing before the NCAA Committee on Infractions in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday.

    Among the group will be Chancellor Carol Folt, Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham, two Hall-of-Fame basketball coaches, Roy Williams and Sylvia Hatchell, and football coach Larry Fedora, all accompanied by their lawyers and well-rehearsed in their versions of why they shouldn’t be there. But they are there and, with the exception of Fedora, who became coach after the university’s problems with fake classes surfaced, they are there by their own fault.

    Williams and Hatchell plead ignorance of the academic abuses that favored their athletes. But ignorance isn’t an excuse. It was their job to know. Folt and Cunningham admit there were problems, but take the audacious position that no-show classes that kept athletes academically eligible over a span of nearly 20 years are none of the NCAA’s business. They say it’s an academic matter that’s between the university and its accrediting agency.”


    1. That’s only fair, flyerz73 –he’s been under-compensated for the bang up job he’s done…..


  8. The egghead Presidents, with not a one of them every having a “real” job, bought the BS that Larry Scott sold them, they got some nice cash in the beginning, built many buildings on campus and then saw the revenues decrease and wondered why ? Scott’s competence should have been called into question the minute he put the PAC12 tv production and studio’s in the bay area and not LA and then not getting a deal with DirecTV, yet there he sits, like Gomer, collecting a fat paycheck despite his incompetence.

    The WAC12 is not the SEC, Big 10, BIG 12 or even the ACC as far as TV ratings go. Aside from Oregon and occasionally UDUB, the stadiums are half to a quarter full for football games, the major revenue sports teams of football and basketball are of poor quality aside from Oregon in football ( as of now, that can change as soon as Christobal is offered a better gig ), the TV deal is awful, head coaches use the schools as a starting point to get a better gig, like the MWC, the two schools in the biggest TV market suck, the football played is soft and when they go play big boy football teams the outcome is usually bad, etc, etc.

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    1. Pac 12 Presidents aren’t eggheads, karma — they are a profoundly out of touch bunch of chicken shits and fence sitters. Larry Scott could only get away with that weird mincing act of his in the Pac 12….


  9. I’d be a very happy camper if Wolffy would take his mean spirited bashing technique to a higher level & get some articles published regarding just how inept Scott is. Might wake some prezzies & AD’s up.


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