Should USC Flex Its Muscle On Pac-12 TV Deal?

Just a follow-up to this morning’s post, if Carol Folt and Mike Bohn are smart, they will force the Pac-12 to revise the TV revenue agreement that sees each school paid equally.

When the conference expanded to 12 teams, USC and UCLA were supposed to get an extra $2 million each until broadcast revenues reached a certain threshold. That threshold was reportedly met in the last TV deal. And $2 million isn’t much anyways these days.

USC and UCLA, because they are in Los Angeles, traditionally received more TV revenue than other Pac-12 schools.

Will USC try to flex its muscle? Or will it try to get along with the rest of the conference?

  • Onyeka Okongwu is questionable for tonight’s game vs. Washington after suffering a concussion last weekend.

25 thoughts on “Should USC Flex Its Muscle On Pac-12 TV Deal?

  1. Yes, SC should get more than an equally divided share, but this will be complicated. The Pac-12 network has been a bust. When it was first signed, it reached nearly 50 million homes, now it is down to around 17 or 18 million homes. Another complication is that some schools, such as ASU, appear on the network much more frequently than others.

    The network is owned equally by the conference and the member schools, so what Scottie has in mind might require a total re-do.

    That said, when the network was signed back in ’11, Trojan football was much more in the driver’s seat than now. That was the time that Nikias and Swann should have cut a better deal.

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    1. ALL good points, 67. [A good year in football will cure a lot of problems for USC —enhancing our bargaining power as well as our recruiting]…

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      1. Just a reminder MG, it’s not the Pac-11 and Clownish U. But, I rather doubt the Pac-11 would miss bozo u should it depart for Independent greener pastures. I mean SUCCX hasn’t shot itself in the foot for a couple of weeks – that might be a bozo record.



  2. Scott is on to something here. There is NOTHING you can’t renegotiate….if you’re prepared to go all the way….

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    1. Tell that to the Dodgers, who wash their hands of responsibility when it comes to 60% of the LA market being blacked out. (It was 70% prior to the Charter acquisition!!) Greedy bastards.


  3. Here me out, it or might not work, but it is a thought only: the thought is have SC and ugly buy the Pac 12 network. They would benefit from the ownership by reducing the Commissioner’s salary and they would get a better cut of the revenue.

    Please, by all means, if it does not work out, let me know. I would appreciate it.

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    1. pt — Besides the lack of joy on the part of the other Pac 12 members with your arrangement —I’m guessing UCLA isn’t in a position to buy disinfectant for their men’s bathrooms about now…..

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      1. Michael,

        Then have the PAC 12 universities chip in what they want. If SC puts in 50%, then they get 50% revenue back. If Wash. St. puts in 35%, they get 35%. the point is to eliminate Scott as the broker for the PAC 12 network. Thank you.

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      2. Well maybe, but SUCCX rarely needs to disinfect itself because the NCAA and State and Federal judicial system do a better job.

        Clownish U self-investigation, a blatant oxymoron.


  4. Or what? I hope it’s not that tired auld Clown U whiny threat to go FB Independent – promises, promises, promises!

    Early Vegas Line: UC Davis -9 vs Clownish U


      1. As Dennis Hopper said in his last scene in “Red Rock West” [while being impaled on the sword of a park statue], “that hurts.”

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      2. Dear Pisley, Clownish U #12, dead f**king last in Pac- 12 FB recruiting.

        I’m guessing 3, 4, and 5-star recruits ignore SUCCX because the bozo Athletic Administration has a well-earned reputation for spinning on their dry thrumbs.

        UCLA doesn’t have to stoop in the gutter and schedule Div ll cupcake FB teams. SUCCX FB has to look up to look down.

        bozo FB mantra Any FB team, anywhere, anytime: what a crock of colossal, Clown U BS.

        Alabama -50 vs Clownish U



      3. My dear, dear idiot friend, you don’t have to schedule a D-2 team because you’d lose anyway. Just wondering if y’all gonna break the 4 game ceiling this season.
        Not really, I don’t give a crap about your lousy ruins, and neither do the kids on the team.
        Just think, if f ucla could get that extra $20M a year, you just might break even… hahahahaha


  5. Hey boys, don’t get too much wind in your sails regarding taking over the lousy PAC- 12 network. SC is not in charge of anything in the PAC & won’t be in the forseeable future. Get a few new assts & all of a sudden, it’s my ball & I’ll play by my rules. You could always go Indy, lol.

    I have an idea. Why don’t we take the lowly school that has the most CAP space in the NFL from the PAC -12 & put THAT school in charge of the network?


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      1. P. S.
        (But) we’ll need a commitment from the Berkeley Police Department that they won’t stand down the next time your campus is on fire…

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  6. MG
    CAL & Berkeley are not the same.(as you darn well know) Berkeley exists because of CAL, not the other way around. CAL exists in spite of Berkeley.


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    1. Why not just do pay per view. $5 game. I’d pay $5 to watch SC get their cajones grabbed in so. bend.

      And I’d really pay more to watch CAL up in Seattle from in front of my 72″ because you couldn’t pay me enough to travel to Seattle in November. Husky beat down party.

      All the schools in the PAC have plenty of alumni. $5-10 isn’t that much.


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